The UndertakerWhen I was a kid I remember hearing the tale that if you looked in the mirror at midnight and called out the Bell Witch’s name 10 times she would appear. I never tried it… I was too scared. Brock Lesnar might want to be careful what he wishes for too when dealing with otherworldly forces.

On this past Monday night on RAW The Beast Incarnate demanded The Undertaker show himself, but what he got was a horde of Druids carrying a coffin to the ring. Guess who was inside? No one… at least at first. Then the Undertaker rises up, playing mind games with Lesnar and tosses him out of the ring. Lesnar may need to figure out a different approach to fighting The Deadman if he’s going to stand a chance of beating him at Wrestlemania XXX. Here’s the video:


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