ProMMAnow is live on scene at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. for tonight’s Bellator 110 action. The main card will featured five tournament battles including three in the featherweight division as well as two in the light heavyweight category. The main event will put Quinton “Rampage” Jackson up against Christian M’Pumbu. Staying in the 205 pound arena, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal will look to start his journey back to a title shot as he meets Mikhail Zayats.

We will have full play by play of the main card and all your results on the evening. We will also be at the post fight presser to hear the reactions from fighters as well as Bjorn Rebney. Stay locked in all night for your updates.

Quick Results

Main Card

  • Christian M’Pumbu  vs. Quinton Jackson
  • Muhammed Lawal  def. Mikhail Zayats via UD
  • Matt Bessette  def. Diego Nunesvia Split Decision
  • Desmond Green  def.  Mike Richman via UD

Bellator 110 play by play

Desmond Green vs. Mike Richman – Featherweight Tournament Opening Round

Round 1 – The main card begins with Richman looking to establish the jab and control the center of the cage. Accidental eye poke early leaves Richman squinting in the corner. After a moment Richman recovers and takes the center of the canvas again. Green looks to land a few leg kicks and Richman returns with his own. Richman stalking Green now, leg kicks beginning to slow Green down. Green snatches up and quick double leg, but Richman hops back to his feet, eating a few uppercuts for his efforts. Green looking to counter with the left hand as Richman presses forward. Green now being the aggressor throwing hooks and staying mindful of the leg kicks of Richman. Round comes to close with both men in the center pawing at each other

Round 2- Richman again the aggressor early. Green circling well and slips inside to land a left and complete another take-down. Richman stands up with Green riding his back trying to control the body lock. Knees to the leg from Green followed by a beautiful throw. Green in side-control landing knees to the body of Richman. Richman almost hits the sweep and gets back up, only to be taken back to the canvas by Green, right back into side control. Green not really mounting much offense, goes back to throwing knees in the ribs of Richman, round ends with Green on top.

Round 3- Same dance as the first two here, Richman takes the center and Green looking to circle, slip and counter, throwing the right hook as Richman comes in. Green shoots in and Richman finally able to stuff the take down, looking for a guillotine as Green decides to let it go. Both man back standing, Green landing the harder shots but not seeming to phase Richman as he presses forward. Lots of feints now, both men slowing down. Richman working the jab again with success. Richman really pressing forward now, senses urgency to impress the judges or get the finish. Sloppy shot by Green gets stuffed and Richman looks to plant a left hook on his face. The bell sounds and we go to the judges.

ProMMANow Scores this bout 29-28 for Desmond Green

Official Result: 30-27 29-28 29-28 Desmond Green

Matt Bessette  vs. Diego Nunes – Featherweight Tournament Opening Round

Round 1- Crowd is electric as the hometown boy Bessette is introduced. Fight starts and Nunes throwing sharp and powerful blows. Bessette looking to land the leg kick, but Nunes quickly stepping out of reach. Nunes catches a kick and dives into the guard of Bessette. Nunes controlling position and picking his shots as the crowd begins chanting for Matt. Nunes stands back up, eats an up-kick from Bessette and almost gets caught in a triangle. Back to the feet with Nunes controlling Bassette against the cage. After a wild exchange, Bessette runs in looking to capitalize thinking Nunes is hurt, only to eat a flying knee to the body and ending the round on his back in danger of a choke.

Round 2- Both men really swinging now. Bessette continues to work the kicks as Diegp blocks and darts in with heavy hooks. Nunes really looking for a finish now, wading in with devastating power. Bessette weathers the storm and lands a powerful left hand that drops Nunes to the floor, the crowd goes bananas. Nunes clearly hurt, trying to survive as Bessette looks for the finish. Diego recovers his faculties and these men go back to slugging it out. Nunes catches a kick at the end of the round amidst the flying limbs and trips Bessette before the bell.

Round 3- Crowd on their feet, both fighters look fresh. Bessette going back to the jab-high kick combo as Nunes starts to work the leg kicks. Big kicks from Bessette, none landing flush but forcing the Brazilian to keep his guard high. Bessette loosening up now throwing combinations with confidence. Nunes returns fire with more powerful hooks that barely miss Bessette. Both men slowing down a bit now. Nunes lands a big left and Bessette shakes it off immediately. Diego going high with the kicks now, seeming to be the fresher of the two combatants. Follwing another wild exchange Nunes briefly muscles Bessette into the cage, but the CT native quickly gets free. Round ends with both fighters pressing forward, Bessette lands a head kick just before the bell, hoping to seal the deal with the judges.

Official Result: Judges score this bout 29-28 Nunes 30-27 Bessette 29-28 Bessette

Split Decision victory for Matt Bessettte

Muhammed Lawal  vs. Mikhail Zayats – Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal

Round 1- Intense stare-down between these two men. Mikhail strikes first with a 1-2 combo that seems to stun Lawal. Mo instantly shoots for a double and presses Zayats up against the cage. Huge left hook by Mo on the break. Doubling up the jab now is Mo, Zayats returning with a wild combo that misses. Mo seeming lighter on his feet in this tilt, pawing the jab and landing hard shots to the body. Zayats returning fire with straight punches that aren’t catching Lawal clean. Mo looking to set up a take down with punches, but is unsuccessful as Zayats presses forward with powerful linear punches. Good head movement from Lawal, the crowd booing as the round comes to close.

Round 2- Zayats pawing the jab and following up with the outside leg kick, then switching to head. Lawal walking him down trying to stick-and-move. Crowd booing again as Zayats bursts forward with a combo. Mo returns fire with heavy punches from the single collar tie. Lawal gets in a power double but is unable to complete it as Zayats fishes for a guillotine. Lawal shoots again, pressing Mikhail against the cage and eventually dragging him to the mat. Not much work being done by Lawal and more crowd displeasure. The two men break and Lawal immediately looking to complete the takedown, which causes Zayats to be cautious. Mo appears tired while Zayats also loosing steam. Lots of feints and not much action as the bell rings.

Round 3- More pep in the step of Mikhail in the start of round 3. Zayats finding success with the outside leg kicks that are clearly taking their toll on Lawal. Lawal looks for a single leg, lifting Mikhail’s leg over his own head, but still unable to complete the shot. After another take-down attempt, Lawal presses Zayats against the fence again, landing knees to the body. Zayats gets back to his feet and throws with all he has left in the tank with every shot, even looking for the spinning back fist. Mo popping the jab in the face of Zayats, outpointing Zayats but the Russian stalks Lawal until the bell, landing the heavier punches.

ProMMANow is giving this one to Zayats based on aggression, but Mo likely took the fight on points with the take-downs.

Official Result: 30-27 30-27 30-27 for King Mo Lawal

Christian M’Pumbu  vs. Quinton Jackson – Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal

Round 1- Rampage rushes in early looking for an exchange, then taunts M’Pumbu when he fails to oblige. M’Pumbu with his back against the fence, Rampage flat-footed and feinting. Christian circling now, Rampage rushes in with a right hook and then an uppercut that briefly wobbles M’Pumbu. In the clinch now, M’Pumbu able to hold Jackson on the cage and slip the occasional knee into the ribs of Jackson. Big John breaks them up and we are back in the center. Christian more loose now, looking for a reaction from Rampage, who remains calm. M’Pumbu starts flicking a lazy jab at Jackson, Rampage slips and rips a right hand that drops Christian. Rampage quickly jumps on top of M’Pumbu and lands some devastating ground and pound to gain the knockout victory in the first.

Official Result: Rampage Jackson Wins via KO 4:31 Round 1


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