bellator_106_poster-512x600-375x413-1383352941Bellator 106: Chandler vs. Alvarez 2 takes place this evening at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, Calif. In the main event Lightweight champ Michael Chandler faces former 155 pound champ and the man he beat to take the title, Eddie Alvarez.

Also on the Spike TV televised card, Featherweight champ Pat Curran puts his title on the line against Daniel Straus, Muhammed Lawal rematches Emanuel Newton, Joe Riggs faces Mike Bronzoulis and Mike Richman takes on Akop Stepanyan.

The Spike TV televised card starts at 9 p.m. ET.

Bellator 106 quick results:

MAIN CARD (Spike TV – 9 p.m. ET)

  • Eddie Alvarez def. Michael Chandler by split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)
  • Emanuel Newton def. King Mo by unanimous decision (49-46 x 3)
  • Daniel Straus (c) def. Pat Curran by unanimous decision (49-45, 48-46, 48-46)
  • Joe Riggs def. Mike Bronzoulis by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Mike Richman def. Akop Stepanyan by knockout (punch) Rd 1 (4:05)


  • Joe Williams vs. Jesse Juarez
  • Cristiano Souza def. Alejandro Garcia via submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Rd 3 (3:06)
  • Brandon Halsey def. Hector Ramirez via TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (0:52)
  • Mike Guymon def. Aaron Miller via submission (Triangle Choke) Rd 2 (4:20)
  • Cleber Luciano def. Joe Camacho via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Josh Smith def. Darren Smith via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Bellator 106 play-by-play (main card):

Lightweight (title): Michael Chandler (c) vs. Eddie Alvarez

Round 1 – Trading leather already in the pocket. ¬†Swinging hard. Jab from Chandler. Nice right from Alvarez. Eddie shoots, stuffed. Body kick Chandler. Body shot Alvarez. Alvarez shoots again, stuffed. Right body shot, left jab from Alvarez, right hand. Great footwork from Alvarez. Left jab. Inside leg kick, right hand from Chandler. Chandler head hunting. Nice body kick from Chandler. Counter left from Alvarez. Big right hand from Chandler. Alvarez shoots, stuffed. Left from Alvarez. Chandler shoots, stuffed. Right counter from Alvarez. Nice left from Alvarez. Chandler with a nice jab snaps Alvarez’s head back. Leg kick from Alvarez caught, Chandler pounces and gets a big slam takedown. Chandler goes for the rear naked choke but Alvarez powers out to his feet. Alvarez shoots, stuffed. Chandler slips on a knee strike attempt. PMN sees it 10-9 Chandler.

Round 2 – Left jab Chandler. Right from Alvarez. Right left from Chandler. Counter right Alvarez. Left from Chandler. Right from Alvarez over the top. Right from Alvarez. Nice jab from Alvarez. Inside leg kick, one two punch from Chandler. Jab from Chandler, he shoots, stuffed. Good head movement from Chandler tonight. Jab from Alvarez. Nice body kick from Chandler followed by a takedown. Alvarez up, Chandler slams him back down. Chandler cut under his right eye, bleeding. Chandler with a body lock from the back as Alvarez gets up. Suplex. Alvarez back up, Chandler scoops Alvarez’s legs out to put him back down. One minute to go, Alvarez up and free. Nice right uppercut, left hook combo from Alvarez. Chandler shoots and gets the takedown. Chandler inside full guard. PMN sees it 10-9 Chandler.

Round 3 – Right from Chandler. Body kick, right hand from Alvarez. Chandler catches the next kick. Chandler shoots, sprawl from Alvarez. Side kick to the gut from Chandler, jab. Chandler shoots, stuffed. Jab from Alvarez. Chandler’s face showing some wear and tear. Looking a bit tired. Chandler shoots, stuffed. Shoots again, presses Alvarez to the cage. They separate. Chandler shoots, stuffed. Leg kick Alvarez. Right, left hand. Nice double jab from Alvarez as Chandler slows down. Chandler shoots, stuffed. Alvarez with a couple jabs, Alvarez gets a body lock from the back. Lets go, lands a nice left. Alvarez shoots, lands some left hands, spinning back fist. Chandler fires back, shoots for the double and gets Alvarez down and looking for the choke as he takes the back with one hook in. Chandler muscles Alvarez to his back, on top now inside full guard. Chandler works a little ground and pound before the bell. PMN sees it 10-9 Alvarez. His left eye swollen badly.

Round 4 – Leg kick Alvarez. Big flying knee from Chandler lands solid. Alvarez backs up, eats a left. Alvarez shoots, stuffed. Chandler muscles him to his back, inside Alvarez’s full guard. Chandler landing some ground and pound and Alvarez is bleeding now under his left eye and from his nose. Chandler postures up with nice right hands. Nice left elbow from top. Chandler landing some good ground and pound and elbows from the top with 90 seconds to go in the round. Chandler maintains top control rest of round. PMN has it 10-9 Chandler.

Round 5 – Alvarez comes out swinging. Flying knee attempt from Chandler, leg kick. Alvarez’s corner tells him he needs a finish to win. Nice uppercut from Chandler, followed by a nice takedown, takes Alvarez’s back, both hooks in and looking for the choke, neck crank. Alvarez scrambles to his feet. Has a body lock from the back. Chandler tries to roll out, back to his feet now and they unleash punch combos, Alvarez gets the better of it. Chandler shoots, stuffed. Again. Knee to the body from Alvarez as he presses Chandler to the cage. 2 minutes to go. Alvarez takes Chandler’s back with both hooks in and looking for the choke. Chandler rolls over. Again Alvarez goes for his back and choke, Chandler rolls out again. Alvarez takes his back one more time with 1 minute to go. Chandler very bloody. Chandler ends up on top inside guard. Alvarez up. Chandler holding on and gets the takedown, holds him there until the bell. Amazing fight. PMN sees the round 10-9 Alvarez but the fight 48-47 for Chandler. Chandler’s left eye is completely swollen shut.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eddie Alvarez def. Michael Chandler by split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

Featherweight (title): Pat Curran (c) vs. Daniel Straus

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Right from Curran. Big leg kick inside from Straus, he shoots, gets Curran on his back against the cage. Straus on top in half guard. Curran gets to his feet, gets some distance. They square up. Nice one two from Straus, connects. Inside leg kick Curran. Body kick from Straus, left hand. Curran fires back with punches. Inside leg kick from Straus. Curran delivers an accidental kick to the groin. Time out called. Step in knee from Curran. Body kick from Straus. He drives Curran to the cage. Knee, elbow from Curran. Straus pressing on him, backs out with a left hook. Left hook, high kick from Straus, steps in with a one two punch, gets the takedown. Downward elbow from Curran while Straus struggles to keep him down. Curran to his feet. Straus with a body lock from behind. Now clinched against the cage, Straus pressing on him, they trade knees. Elbow, left from Curran on the break. They trade a few punches and kicks before the bell. PMN sees it 10-9 Straus for round one.

Round 2 – Leg kick Curran. Straus with an inside leg kick of his own. Straus shoots, stuffed. Inside leg kick Straus. Right left right from Curran, followed by a jumping knee. Nice body kick from Straus. Leg kick Curran, again. Nice right from Curran. Straus pushes him to the ground. Back up. Leg kick Straus. Body kick, one two from Curran. Thai plum and a knee to the body from Straus. Body shot from Curran. Jab from Straus. Curran with a step in knee and a right. Body kick from Straus. Right from Curran. Leg kick right from Straus. Leg kick Curran. Body kick Straus. Body kick Curran, followed by a punch combo. Straus shoots, stuffed. They trade jabs. Leg kick Straus. Clinch, elbow from Curran. Left hook counter from Curran. Straus with a couple of his own. Close close round. Too close to call.

Round 3 – Double right jab, left from Straus. Step in knee from Curran, and a leg kick that buckles Straus. Flying knee from Straus misses. Double right jab from Straus. Leg kick from Curran. Body shot from Straus, then a jab. Shoots in for a single, Curran defends. Straus with a body lock against the cage, Curran softens him up with punches. Judo throw from Straus but the cage prevents Curran from going completely down. Straus gives him another throw, as they scramble Curran gives him an illegal knee to the face that hurts Straus. Curran realizes immediately he messed up. Straus ¬†gets back to his feet after shaking it off and calls in the doctor to check him out. Doc is going to let it go. Ref takes a point from Curran. Here we go… 90 seconds left. Straus gets a trip takedown, moves to side mount. Straus drops a few tight elbows. Curran tries to explode out, gets to full guard. 30 seconds left. Straus with a little ground and pound before the bell. Curran throws up his legs for a triangle and Straus passes to half guard. PMN sees it 10-8 for Straus (due to point deduction).

Round 4 – Curran fires off punches first. Nice right, body kick from Straus. He goes for a judo throw, Curran defends. Straus presses Curran to the cage, scoops his legs out for a takedown. Curran back to his feet but Straus stays sticky with a body lock from the back, big slam from Straus (belly-to-back). Curran gets to his knees. Straus hanging on him from the back, knees to his thighs. Straus gets Curran back to the mat. Curran looking for a guillotine with full guard. 90 seconds to go. Straus gives a couple body shots and pops his head out. Straus on top in half guard, working the ground and pound. Curran cut on his forehead. PMN sees it 10-9 Straus.

Round 5 – Touch gloves. Left hand, body kick from Straus. Leg kick inside. Nice one two from Straus, push kick. Right hook from Curran. Body kick Straus. Nice right follows. Body shot Curran. Jumping knee from Straus. Right from Curran. Straus hurts Curran with a left, follows up with a flurry and a knee. Straus is clearly a much improved fighter here. Body lock, Straus puts Curran to the cage, pressing. Body shot, uppercut from Straus. Curran turns him around with 2 minutes to go. Curran drops levels looking for the takedown. Straus defends, looks for the judo throw. Curran defends. Curran looks for the trip, no dice. Knee from Straus. Curran drops levels. Straus defends. Curran goes for a single, sweeps the back leg. Straus reverses position, ends up on top inside full guard and landing ground and pound. PMN sees the round 10-9 Straus and sees the fight also for Straus. You could arguably give round 2 to Curran. Straus had the rest has I see it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Straus def. Pat Curran by unanimous decision (49-45, 48-46, 48-46)

Light Heavyweight (interim title): Muhammed Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton

Round 1 – No touching gloves here. This is the fight I was most looking forward to. Don’t sleep on Newton. Newton switching stances. Mo shoots, Newton defends but ends up on the ground with Mo riding him. Couple left hands from Mo. Newton on his feet as Mo hands on with a body lock. They spin around as Mo stays sticky with the double leg. Newton fighting to try and get to his feet. Mo trying his best to keep Newton down. Right hands from Mo against the cage. Newton gets the separation. Lands a low kick to the groin. Time called briefly. Right from Newton, leg kick. Newton goes for a spinning kick and Mo uses this chance to put him on his back. Mo inside full guard, trying to work ground and pound. Newton gets his back to the cage. Short lefts from Mo. Newton gets up and throws a punch/kick combo that’s blocked. Left from Newton. Mo blocks a right. Mo with a jab. Not letting his hands go much. Mo with a little showmanship before the bell. PMN sees it 10-9 Mo.

Round 2 – Big Country in Mo’s corner. Body kick Newton, again. Switches stances. Another body kick. Nice left hand from Mo. Body kick from Newton after missing a spinning back kick. Overhand right from Newton lands on the shoulder. Mo shoots for the single, stuffed. Knee to body from Mo. Pressing to the cage. He drops down for a single, picks Newton up for a slam and ends up inside full guard. Mo in side mount. Newton gets to his feet. Newton with a one two, head kick and it rocks MO. Mo gets to his feet and Newton is all over him. Right hand, body kick from Newton. Mo shoots, stuffed. Right from Newton. Clinch, break. Mo, jab. Mo still in front of him. Jab from Mo. Mo looks at the clock after avoiding some shots. Mo still dropping his hands some, looking sloppy. Newton is very unorthodox. Left, then big right from Newton. Side kick. Newton’s combos causing some problems. PMN sees it 10-9 Newton.

Round 3 – Left, overhand right from Newton. Left counter from Mo. Left to the body. Inside leg kick from Newton. Again. Jab from Mo. Overhand right from Newton. Body kick. Couple rights and left from Mo. Overhand right from Newton lands. Trade jabs. Inside leg kick from Newton, again. Side kick, spinning back kick from Newton. Body shot from Mo. Mo abandoning his wrestling. Body kick Newton. Side kick Newton, spinning back kick lands. Jab. Right from Newton. Mo shoots, Newton grabs a guillotine, stuffs the takedown. They square back up. PMN sees it 10-9 Newton.

Round 4 – Leg kick Newton. Nice body kick. Left jab from Newton. Jab from Mo. Body kick Newton. Nice spinning back kick. Mo just can’t get in and find his range. Well, he does land a single right hand but doesn’t follow up. Leg kick, spinning back kick Newton. Left right from Mo, he backs off. Body kick Newton. Spinning backfist, Mo shoots under, stuffed. Mo shoots again, stuffed, backs out on a left hand. Mo just ducks a spinning kick. Mo shoots again, gets Newton down with a double finally. Newton gets right up as Mo hangs on him with 90 seconds left. Knees to the thighs from Mo. Newton gets free. Mo ducks a spinning backfist. Right hand from Newton. Mo lunges with a right, misses. Left jab Mo. Body kick Newton. PMN sees it 10-9 Newton.

Round 5 – Newton’s corner told him it’s tied up. Body kick Newton, side kick. Left hook from Mo. Left right Newton. Nice left jab from Mo but he doesn’t follow up. Overhand right from Newton. Big counter right from Mo. Trade jabs. Mo ducks a spin kick, shoots for the takedown. Newton stuffs it. Great takedown defense. Inside leg kick from Newton. Right from Mo. Side kick Newton. Mo pressing. One minute left. Right from Newton. Side kick. Mo shoots, stuffed. He stays on it and gets Newton to the ground. Can’t do anything with it as Newton gets back up. Newton shoots, sprawl from Mo. They hug. PMN sees it 10-9 for Mo but the fight 48-47 for Newton.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Emanuel Newton def. King Mo by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Welterweight: Joe Riggs vs. Mike Bronzoulis

Round 1 – Bronzoulis with a couple leg kicks. High kick, leg kick. Body kick from Riggs. Leg kick. Bronzoulis with leg kicks inside and outside. Another outside leg kick. Big leg kick from Bronzoulis. Push kick. One two from Riggs. One two three from Riggs. Leg kick buckles Riggs. Another big leg kick from Bronzoulis. Push kick. Leg kick Bronzoulis, high kick, left hand. Big right from Riggs catches Bronzoulis behind the head and he touches the ground. Riggs tries to follow up. Bronzoulis back up and gets back to work. Riggs catches a kick, gets a body lock takedown. Inside full guard. Riggs looking for the ground and pound, takes Bronzoulis’ back with one hook, now two hooks in. One minute to go. Bronzoulis escapes and scrambles to his knees. Riggs gives a couple knees to the shoulders and some hammerfists to the side of the head. PMN sees it 10-9 for Riggs.

Round 2 – Touch gloves. Riggs with a body lock takedown after Bronzoulis rushes in with punches. Bronzoulis gets to his knees, then feet. Riggs lands a right elbow against the cage. Bronzoulis turns him around to the cage. Riggs lands a knee and turns Bronzoulis around. Riggs bleeding near his left eye, likely from an accidental head butt. Bronzoulis with a couple leg kicks and a nice left hand. Riggs pushes Bronzoulis to the cage. He backs out, they square up. Nice body kick from Bronzoulis. Knee from Bronzoulis as they clinch up. Riggs with another body lock takedown. Riggs in side mount. Riggs jumps on Bronzoulis’ back, one hook in; now both hooks in. Bronzoulis escapes to his feet but gets dragged right back down. Riggs with a body lock from the back. Bronzoulis shakes him off and now has top control inside guard. Riggs with a couple elbows off his back, looks for an armbar. PMN scores it 10-9 Riggs.

Round 3 – Leg kick Bronzoulis. Leg kick Riggs. Bronzoulis fires back with a punch combo. Riggs backs him to the cage with punches, gets a big slam takedown. Now on top side mount. Bronzoulis gives up his back. Riggs gets one hook in, now both hooks. They roll over as Riggs looks for the choke. Bronzoulis gets to his knees; now on one knee, trying to fight off the choke attempt from Riggs. 90 seconds left as Riggs continues to try and soften Bronzoulis up. Brounzoulis stands up with Riggs on his back, both hooks in. Riggs drags him back down but Bronzoulis spins around to top control in half guard. Riggs gets to his feet before the bell and fires off a punch or two to ward off the attack. PMN scores this Fight Master final 10-9 for Riggs for the round and 30-27 for Riggs for the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joe Riggs def. Mike Bronzoulis by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Featherweight: Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Leg kick Richman, again. Akop with same. Body shot from Akop. Spinning backfist from Akop after taking a leg kick. Nice leg kick from Richman. Body kick Akop. Nice jab from Richman. Akop with a nice right. Left jab. Body kick from Richman. Spinning kick from Akop brushes the shoulder of Richman. Right hand from Akop. Left hook. Akop cut near his right eye. Nice right from Richman. Knee kick from Richman. Nice left jab from Akop. Nice right follows as Richman presses forward with punches. Leg kick Richman. Left right from Akop. Leg kick Richman. Left right hand from Richman connects solid. Huge right from Akop on the chin staggers Richman. Richman fires back with a left, Akop tumbles to the mat, Richman follows up with double hammerfists and this fight is over as referee Herb Dean stops it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Richman def. Akop Stepanyan by knockout (punch) Rd 1 (4:05)

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