The episode begins with a quick recap of episode two, leading up to this week’s matchup between Team Rousey’s Chris Beal and Team Tate’s Chris Holdsworth. Coach Tate shows up at the house bearing gifts, bringing her victorious fighter Julianna Pena a milkshake. Despite Coach Rousey’s opinion that Tate was smiling at Baszler’s pain in defeat, Tate also brings Shayna some chocolate cake.

Shayna Baszler admits that the loss to Pena still stings, and that hearing Team Tate cheering did hurt. Baszler also talks about her appreciation for coach Ronda Rousey, saying that when you are down you really see who is in your corner.

Coach Rousey addresses her team at the training center, stressing the importance of staying in the moment while talking about her mental advantage over Miesha Tate. She touches on the fact that Chris Beal was selected just because of his hand injury. Beal then goes on to tell the viewers that he has dealt with much more mentally in his life than a swollen hand.

Beal believes that despite the hand injury, he is still most dangerous striker in the house, saying, “I don’t think there is anybody in this house that can stand with me or can do the things I do because I’m so athletic and that’s the game plan right there.”

Team Tate gets to work at the training center, but not before Cody Bollinger drops a bomb to his coaches saying that someone on Team Tate gave up all of the planned women’s matchups to come to Team Rousey. He suspects that Julianna Pena is the one that is giving up confidential information. Pena is confronted in the van on the way back to the house, and quickly denies that she is a “rat” before pointing the finger at Roxanne Modafferi.

Modafferi happens to room with some of the Team Rousey fighters, but tells her team that they made a pact the first night in the house to not talk about training to keep the competition fair. Bollinger believes Modafferi and is still convinced that Pena is the one to blame.

In his fighter profile, Chris Holdsworth talks about his introduction to martial arts, crediting his brother for his love of the arts. The death of his brother just further cemented his dedication to becoming the best he could be in martial arts and as a mixed martial artist.

Back at the house, Holdsworth lounges by the pool next to Julianna Pena, admitting that even though Pena gets picked on at times, he still has a soft spot for “Pocahontas.” Holdsworth also states that he likes the whole “friends with benefits” arrangement. We will see how far that gets him.

Pena has other issues to deal with, namely talking to Roxanne Modafferi, addressing the whole van accusation scene and apologizing for what happened. The match up talk continues as Team Rousey fighter Jessamyn Duke admits to Raquel Pennington that there is no conspiracy, and that no match ups are even known by the Team Rousey fighters.

Viewers then get to hear Chris Beal talk about his battle with cancer in his leg. His love for running was born out of the adversity he faced while confronted with the fact that he nearly lost his leg. Holdsworth isn’t the only fighter to lose a brother in the fighter house. Beal lost his brother to gang violence as well, as he replays hearing the news that his brother passed away after being shot 13 times. Beal lets viewers know that he is fueled by the loss of his brother, his missing father, and his desire to be the best dad he can be to his own son.

Later, both teams get a break from the show, heading to the Red Rock to check out the fights. As the fighters enjoy watching UFC on the big screen, things go south when Ronda Rousey heads to the bar for a drink, getting a little too close to Tate’s boyfriend Bryan Caraway. Tate tells Rousey to get away from her boyfriend and the war of words escalate as Tate insults the stand up skills of Rousey. Rousey’s coach gets involved, confronting Caraway about his tweet about knocking Rousey’s teeth down her throat.

The champion has some choice words for Tate after things calm down, saying, “She’s a legit fighter, man and I respect her as a fighter man… she’s an athlete, she throws down, she’s got balls,” Rousey said. “But I don’t feel the least bit sorry for breaking her arm in half. The girl had it coming.”

With a break from the competition now in the books, it’s time for weigh-ins. Both fighters make weight, while Dana White describes the match up as a classic striker vs. grappler bout.

Team Rousey – Chris Beal vs. Team Tate – Chris Holdsworth

Round 1 – Holdsworth comes out and takes the center of the cage, pressuring Beal to start. Beal shows off that hand speed, landing with his right hand before catching a kick to the groin. After the restart, Beal eludes the strikes of Holdsworth while looking for his range. Beal lands with a combination, but it’s Holdsworth that lands with a powerful right hand shortly after. Beal comes back with a staggering left hook, and another follow up left hand that scores. Holdsworth with a jab. Again. Triple jab from Beal. Holdsworth with a one-two combo, then dips in for a takedown. Beal gets the reverse and is now on top. Holdsworth throws his legs up for an armbar but Beal recognizes the danger and stands. Holdsworth scores with a jab-right hand combo. Beal fires back with a three punch combo. Holdsworth leans in for a takedown but is stuffed. Beal lands with a knee on the break. Holdsworth shoots again but is again shrugged off. Beal looks like he’s getting comfortable now. Holdworth uncorks a monster right hand that drops Beal. Holdsworth takes top position, finds the neck of Beal and goes to his back. It’s tight and the tap comes.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Holdsworth def. Chris Beal by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1

With the win, Team Tate moves to 2-0 and more importantly maintains control of the fight picks. Miesha Tate selects Roxanne Modafferi to face Team Rousey fighter Jessica Rakoczy.

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