Product Review: Complete Nutrition’s Mancore pack

Complete Nutrition's ManCore pack.  Picture owned by Complete Nutrition.
Complete Nutrition’s Mancore pack. Picture owned by Complete Nutrition.

The next stop on Furby’s World Tour of Supplements takes us to Complete Nutrition. Once again, I defer to the expertise of my friend, Cody Perry. Cody is an experienced weightlifter and has competed in and won various Powerlifting competitions. He received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Transylvania University. After that, he taught weight training at the University of Kentucky where he received his Master’s Degree in Sport Management. You can follow Cody on Twitter @Cody3L.

I recently used a 3 pack of supplements from Complete Nutrition’s Mancore line. The products are Total Fat Burn, Testosterone Replenish, and HGH Night spray.

I used the products for 3 weeks, the first 2 weeks as recommended. I was intrigued at the beginning because while I have used testosterone supplements and fat burner products before, I have not used a product like their HGH spray.

Here’s the product details about this 3 pack, straight from

Mancore® will help you redefine your competitive edge by increasing muscle mass, strength and energy as well as burn fat and improve body composition. As men age, their testosterone levels are naturally depleted, but Mancore® enhances libido and stamina and replenishes youthful hormones. Its unique HGH Night Spray improves sleep and can increase human growth hormone levels by 157%.*

Enhance Energy & Burn Fat*
Increase Metabolism & Improve Body Composition*
Increase Growth Hormone Levels by up to 157%*
Improve Sleep Quality*
Increase Muscle Mass, Strength & Energy*
Enhance Libido & Stamina*
Replenish Youthful Hormone Levels*

I did not experience any weight loss or gain during this two week period of time. I believe a longer six week trial would need to be conducted with more precise measurements made in overall body composition to determine its full effects on fat burning and body composition.

Also, there is no way other than extensive (and expensive) blood tests to determine if HGH levels are increased or not. However, I can make an educated guess based on my experience that all three of these products function as described.

First up, Testosterone Replenish.

I experienced increases in my strength. My weights went up, with ease. I pushed above my normal progressive overload by several steps each workout. I did not fail any sets. Also, I did experience a somewhat hardening of my muscles as normally occurs with elevated testosterone levels. I didn’t experience any side effects that normally signal boosted testosterone though, such as break outs of acne on my body. Overall, I would testify that this product works, but I have taken other testosterone supplements that have produced higher testosterone boosts than this one.

Secondly, the Total Fat Burn.

The ingredient mix on this fat burner is very nice. It provides a broad spectrum of effective ingredients mixed into one product. This little pill has a major punch. It provided hours of energy, alertness, and stamina. This pill is almost too strong. If you don’t stay hydrated while taking this pill you can experience something I can only describe as feeling “high.” But it’s a scary high because you know it’s from a pill you took that is affecting your metabolism. That being said – as a fat burner, this pill is legit.

Finally, the HGH spray.

While I don’t think anyone could attest to the effects of HGH in a short term self-study, I can definitely attest to its effect on sleep. Within 15 minutes of taking this product as recommended, drowsiness ensues. Within 30 minutes of taking this product I was asleep every night. Not only did it put me to sleep, I slept through the night without waking up. I woke up feeling more rested than ever had. I hadn’t realized I could get better sleep than I was until I used this product. As real weightlifters all know, sleep is crucial to anabolism. So of course, getting better sleep and staying asleep is optimal.

Overall, I would recommend this product to any weightlifter. This 3 pack is a great deal, check it out.

COMPARATIVE COST: I was a little surprised by the fact that I had to actually call a Complete Nutrition store to find out the price of the Mancore Pack.  (It’s $209, by the way).  A simple search on the internet didn’t show me the price and a search should have found the price, but didn’t.  At a price of $209 I’d recommend to someone that they wait for a sale or piecemeal other products together instead.  Having said that – if independent research were to ever validate the efficacy of the claims that Complete Nutrition makes in regard to the HGH spray, it would definitely be worth the price!

EFFECTIVENESS: The fat burner and the HGH spray are great. I can’t measure HGH levels, unfortunately, but the sleep effects are definitely there. The test booster is a decent product, but again I’ve had better and would buy that over this individual product.

LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY: Quite frankly I have no base to judge how long someone can take an HGH spray that improves sleep before needing to cycle off of it. I would imagine you would definitely have to cycle off of it so your sleep doesn’t become dependent upon it. Also, you always have to cycle off of testosterone boosters and fat burners. This is a product series that you have to take as recommended and then stay off of it for several weeks.

LACK OF NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS: The fat burner was the only product that worried me when it comes to side effects. You can definitely start feeling a little light headed “high” on this product, but that can be prevented by staying appropriately hydrated.

For more information on these products and what else that Complete Nutrition has to offer, visit, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, @CompleteNutritn.

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