MMA cutman David Maldonado
MMA cutman David Maldonado greasing a fighter

I’m grateful to say I’ve been busy recently, and that trend looks to continue for the rest of the summer. Shows in FL, IN, NE, MO, and WI just this month alone.

In that time I’ve had frustrations with inconsistent commission rulings and decisions, few of which make sense, but that is par for the industry. I want to take time to recognize the positives that I encounter with this job.

Scott “Hotsauce” Holtzman just proved on Friday that he is at the top of his weight class with the XFC. He is also at the top of the list when it comes to upstanding, humble, respectful people. It is a true joy to work with those type of people.

Next month I have committed to make extra efforts to work a show for, among other reasons, to support a guy that brings the same level of positive spirit and respectful approach to not only the sport but to his life. Mirsad Bectic is that man and when I come across those people, I find myself willing to bend over backwards to help them however possible. It’s true, you get what you give.

People like that make worthwhile all the miles traveled, all the questionable hotel rooms, and the messy apartment that awaits my return after each trip. Knowing I can bring my skills to fighters and they actually appreciate it is payment in itself.

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