After spending time as teammates on season two of TUF Brazil, Leonardo Santos and William “Patolino” Macario engaged in a TUF battle to remember, with Santos capitalizing on his only takedown of the fight to win by arm triangle choke at 4:43 of the second round.

After a series of exchanges, the fight went to the clinch on the cage with “Patolino” looking to control the action. After a reset, Santos scored from the outside before being taken down by Macario. “Patolino” went to work with his unorthodox strikes, landing with right hands from the top, while mixing in grinding elbows. Santos managed to scramble to his feet with just over a minute to go but again ended up on his back after a trip attempt resulted with “Patolino” on top to end the round.

Santos came out more aggressive to start the second, just missing with a high kick, but connecting with his right hand before ducking in for a takedown attempt. Macario shrugged off the attempt and a follow up takedown try by Santos, then took the center of the cage. Santos kept pressing landing with combinations that brought the crowd to their feet. Macario changed levels and took the fight back to the mat, looking to reestablish control of the round. Santos scrambled back to his feet to resume his attack, then ended up on his back after Macario grabbed the fence. The referee warned “Patolino” for the grab and then reset the fighters on their feet.

After the restart, Santos finally got the takedown he had been working so hard for, immediately moving to full mount. With under a minute to go in the round, Santos postured to attack, then found the opening he was looking for securing a tight arm triangle choke with under 30 seconds to go. “Patolino” struggled to make the bell, but was forced to tap with just 17 seconds to go in the round.

The submission victory for Leonardo Santos (12-3 MMA, 1-0 UFC) earns him the title of The Ultimate Fighter for the second season of “TUF Brazil.”

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