MMA cutman David Maldonado
MMA cutman David Maldonado greasing a fighter

This last weekend was an experience that very few others in their lives can say they have experienced. Many people seek fame, desire their 15 minutes of fame (I think that number has changed with today’s media and entertainment), or yearn for the spotlight.

I have never made a strong pursuit towards any of that, but in my role in MMA I’m often surrounded by it. This weekend down in Miami with CFA 11, it was a whirlwind of activity that was unmistakable.

With their first show on the AXStv network, it was already going to be a different experience for those associated with CFA, but it quickly became apparent that it would go beyond that.

With the hot news revolving around women’s MMA including Fallon Fox, Invicta FC, Brett Atchley and more, two of those commodities were directly present at CFA 11. A delicate situation for me, I always try and be neutral and simply do my job without commentary. That will not change today.

What couldn’t be missed was the doubled amount of media present, countless cameras cageside and slough of comments from the crowd that revolved all night long. I had my own drama as some seemingly arbitrary and clearly inconsistent rule creation and enforcement made my job of taping fighters a fiasco for most of the evening.

Once that resolved (though still not understood), the co-main event including Fallon Fox drew the eye of a large number of photographers inside my 2-foot personal space. If ever there was uncertainty of my ability to perform under pressure, it was then as at least a dozen cameras snapped as I greased the fighter, with every finger movement being scrutinized.

I hope to never have that many cameras directly on me, especially for any negative reasons. That was easily more focus than any UFC cutman will ever claim to have.

Then 48 hours later I was working a small amateur show in a random bar near Nashville. Clearly I had left the eye of the storm, and in some ways I was relieved. Now let any amazing month of June begin.

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