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With so many beautiful ring girls in the United Kingdom it seems only right that we give you, our loyal Pro MMA Now readers, an opportunity to find out more about some of the British babes working on the Mixed Martial-Arts scene in the U.K.

Pro MMA Now ( reporter Jay Cee, who is based in the U.K., has taken it upon himself to search out some of the top ring girl talent — it’s a hard job, we know. But today’s babe is the gorgeous Neasha Date. Enjoy!

Pro MMA Now: Hi Neasha, great to have you as our “Babe of the Day”. How are you doing?
Neasha Date: Really well and loving life at the moment.

Pro MMA Now: What is your favorite thing about being a ring-girl / model?
Neasha Date: The amount of fun I have! It’s always really exciting and I get to meet some great people.

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Pro MMA Now: You are a new member of the Modelling Network, are you enjoying working with them so far?
Neasha Date: Love working with the Modelling Network, Duncan is great and keeps me updated with new work.

Pro MMA Now: What originally made you decide to become a model?
Neasha Date: It was always an interest of mine, but I really went for it because of the support I received from friends and family who really believed in me.

Pro MMA Now: It won’t be long until summer is here, are you going anywhere nice on holiday to soak up some rays?
Neasha Date: I will definitely be going somewhere very hot with all my girls.

Pro MMA Now: What would you say is your best asset body wise?
Neasha Date: That’s got to be my perky bum.

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Pro MMA Now: Describe yourself in three words?
Neasha Date: Determined, Honest and Caring.

Pro MMA Now: If your were not a model, what would you be doing instead?
Neasha Date: A job that involved meeting lots of new people all the time as that’s what I love most.

Pro MMA Now: What are your guilty pleasures food wise?
Neasha Date: Chocolate! A craving I get all the time.

Pro MMA Now: Thanks for taking some time out to speak with me Neasha. Best of luck for the future!

Thanks to Neasha Date for taking the time to speak with us. Follow Neasha on Twitter at @NeashaDate. If you would like to contact us about being featured as a “Pro MMA Now Babe of the Day” then contact Jay Cee at @JayCeeMMA. Also, make sure you follow on Twitter at @PROMMA, thanks!

Photos courtesy Scott Cole Photography / Duncan Brown (Modelling Network)


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