MMA cutman David Maldonado
MMA cutman David Maldonado greasing a fighter

Recently I got the opportunity to work again with Invicta, the popular all women’s MMA promotion. Got the call the night before the event as they were in a pinch.

Thankfully I was ready and able to be there, a chance to shine and be able to help a solid organization. That preparation exists in so many aspects of my place in MMA.

Every show, I have to have all the essentials in place to make sure I am prepared. I admit it gets frustrating when I see less than full preparation around me on those nights i.e. “Hey, can I borrow (like I actually would want them back) some of your gloves, I didn’t bring any”.

In addition, my organization and anticipation needs to be in top shape as every individual fight is unpredictable. Some end within seconds and I need to be ready to bounce, and others have rounds that finish with last second damage that I need to respond to. I learned the hard way many times early in my career that such moments will come when you least expect it. Over versus under prepared is my preference.

Fighters, ring announcers, production guys, we are all in the same place. Fighters looking for their next opportunity like a local pro I enjoy watching named Bobby Emmons is an example of one who trains so they are always fight ready in case the phone rings. And I’m sure tomorrow at XFC in Louisville I will be surrounded by a quality staff that all bring their A-game ready to put on an amazing production for the fans.

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