Cain Burns with MMA fighter Colin Fletcher
Cain Burns (r) with MMA fighter Colin Fletcher

I am happy to be able to bring you a story that really promotes the positive side of our sport and acts as a reminder that Mixed Martial Arts truly has the power to change the lives of people involved with MMA and also those who follow it.

Cain Burns is a child that was born with cerebral palsy, which is a disorder that effects the motor controls of the body and causes physical disability in human development, mainly in the various areas of body movement.

When Cain was born the doctors told his parents he would never walk. He has never felt what it is like to play football with his friends, experience running around playing catch-me games, or even ride a bike.

The seven-year-old from North Shields, England, is a big fan of Mixed Martial Arts, so after hearing of a life changing operation that could help Cain not only walk but run, the North East fight scene has joined forces in a bid to raise the necessary £55,000 to send him to the United States.

Cain’s dad, Chris Burns said:

“It’s amazing but they managed to raise around £20,000 so far across the fight world to help send Cain for the operation. Cain was born with cerebral palsy and has never had the chance to walk. He is now 7-years-old and has never done the things that other children just take for granted. We want our son to have the best life possible so he can enjoy life to the full.”

Chris Burns actually trains in MMA, so word quickly spread across the North East fight scene about the remarkable campaign to raise enough money to pay for the operation in the USA.

Fight shows such as Sunderland based Made-4-The-Cage, North Tyneside’s Fight Fest, Pride & Glory and many other events and businesses have all helped raise cash for the appeal. They have been joined by MMA fighters Andy Ogle, Colin “The Freakshow” Fletcher and Philip de Fries.

Burns commented:

“The children who have this operation can lead a full active life and in most cases can walk almost normally. This will give him a new lease of life and all Cain ever talks about are the martial arts. He adores Colin “The Freakshow” Fletcher and thinks the sun shines out of fighters such as Andy Ogle and Philip de Fries.”

It really is great to hear that the MMA community here in the U.K. has come together to support and help this child. The next event to fund raise for Cain is Pride & Glory’ Battle in Benton. The event is being held in Innisfree Social Club, Longbenton on April 27th from 6.30pm. Tickets can be bought by phoning 07946 314085.

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