Rose Namajunas[ads2]It’s pretty rare that we even see a fight only last 12 seconds. But once in awhile a heavy-handed fighter will land a bomb or catch their opponent just the right way with a punch, kick, elbow or knee that results in a quick knockout.

Rising female strawweight “Thug” Rose Namajunas (2-0 Pro, 4-0 Am) scored the submission equivalent of a knockout in her fight against Kathina Catron (2-2 Pro, 5-0 Am) at Invicta FC 5 Friday night in Kansas City with a flying armbar that forced the tapout just 12 seconds in.

Rose’s pure emotional response was almost as enjoyable to watch as the fight itself. After weeks and weeks of training and countless hours of sweat, bumps, bruises and pain, it was all over so quickly. No feeling out period. Just business. Thug business.

Check out this video Invicta FC put together showing Rose before the fight, the fight itself and then her and her man, UFC heavyweight Pat Barry‘s reaction afterward:

A better view of her ecstatic post-fight celebration can be seen in this GIF:

Thanks to @ZProphet_MMA for the GIF.

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