Dana White
Dana White

Following the main event at UFC 158, Nick Diaz explained that he is planning to leave the sport of Mixed Martial Arts unless he gets a rematch with Georges St.Pierre. UFC president, Dana White, explained that an immediate rematch would not happen.

“No, he wouldn’t get a rematch off that fight. There is no doubt that Johnny Hendricks deserves the next shot.” – Dana White

UFC president, Dana White, doesn’t think that Nick Diaz should retire, but he thinks that fighters who talk about retiring probably should.

“I don’t think Nick Diaz should retire. But I’m not the guy who makes the decision. I think if guys want to retire, this isn’t like any other sport in the world. If your head’s not into it, you probably should retire.” – Dana White

This is not the first time Nick Diaz has mentioned retirement, so maybe these are just his immediate feelings following the fight. I think it would be a shame to see such a character leave the sport. Love him or hate him, Nick Diaz is one of the most entertaining personalities in the industry today and I would like to see him back in action.

With various options available including a rematch with Carlos Condit, there are still some interesting fights for Diaz within the UFC. However, at this time Nick only seems focused on another matchup with GSP. Once the UFC 158 dust has settled I am sure we will find out what the UFC has in store for Nick.

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