The D’Juan Owens Experiment: ‘I will take him out and put on a show in the process’

North Carolina standout featherweight D’Juan Owens (6-4) will be making his XFC (Xtreme Fighting Championship) debut at the XFC 22: “Crossing the Line” event that’s set for Feb. 22 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Owens will be taking on Nate Landwehr (2-0) on the main card and will be the first bout that airs LIVE on AXStv.

Owens is a military veteran (Marines), father, former bboy, and an avid chess player. “The D’Juan Owens Experiment” will be an ongoing weekly blog series written by standout North Carolina featherweight D’Juan Owens as he prepares for his Feb. 22 fight at XFC 22: “Crossing the Line” in Charlotte, North Carolina.

D'Juan Owens interview, XFC 22, Nate Landwehr


At this point the fight consumes me. When I’m not training or studying MMA….the fight is always there on a subconscious level. On February 22nd I’ll be fighting for the XFC promotion in Charlotte NC. I’m a little less than two weeks out and it can’t come fast enough. Training has been going great lately. I’ve been able to travel and put some serious work in for this fight. Besides a few nicks here and there, I feel great. This week will be my last week of hard training before I taper down.

My teammates at Triangle Jiu Jitsu will put me through the ringer this week and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I also train at United Thai Boxing, the newest addition to my camp. My diet at this point is strict. I’m an endomorph so I can’t ease up on it either. The only thing I’m looking forward to besides smashing my opponent is smashing some food.

My opponent for this fight is Nate Landwehr from TN. He’s an aggressive fighter and from what I’ve seen…he prefers to strike. Since he doesn’t specialize in one particular area I’ve been working on everything pretty evenly for this fight. He’s a decent fighter but I’m confident that I will take him out and put on a show in the process. I actually took a late-notice fight on Jan. 5th which was after this fight was confirmed.

Before you get to the big shows things like that aren’t uncommon. I definitely went back and forth when deciding to take it, but it worked out in my favor and I feel good coming into this fight with even more momentum. The XFC is one of the largest promotions on the east coast and I’m excited about competing on national TV. If you want to see an exciting fighter who always goes for the finish, then ride with me and jump on my bandwagon early! Be sure to check in with me next week as I get closer to the fight.

“The D’Juan Owens Experiment” is part of our ongoing series of exclusive content written by individuals involved in the mixed martial arts industry. Check back next week as D’Juan provides you with a glimpse inside the mind of a fighter leading up to one of the biggest fights of his career. Be sure to check him out via his Facebook fan page until next week.

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