Invicta FC 3 takes place this evening at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kan., and features the promotion’s first ever title bout as Jessica Penne and Naho Sugiyama battle for the inaugural atomweight championship.

The co-main event between the fast-rising Sarah D’Alelio and WMMA veteran Shayna Baszler will likely have future title implications in the Invicta bantamweight division. The card boasts a total of 14 bouts including some of the biggest names in women’s MMA. ( will provide LIVE updates from start to finish with results and play-by-play commentary for each bout.

The all-female mixed martial arts Invicta FC 3 card will stream LIVE and FREE on Saturday, Oct. 6, starting at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

Invicta FC 3 quick results:


  • Jessica Penne def. Naho Sugiyama by submission (triangle choke) Rd 2 (2:20)
  • Shayna Baszler def. Sarah D’Alelio by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2 (0:37)
  • Leslie Smith def. Kaitlin Young by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (2:19)
  • Barb Honchak def. Aisling Daly by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Vanessa Porto def. Tara Larosa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Cat Zingano def. Raquel Pennington by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2 (3:32)
  • Michelle Waterson def. Lacey Schuckman by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Julia Budd def. Danielle West by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (2:32)


    • Carla Esparza def. Lynn Alvarez by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (2:53)
    • Joanne Calderwood def. Ashley Cummins by TKO (knee) Rd 1 (3:13)
    • Stephanie Frausto def. Amy Davis by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (0:48)
    • Jessamyn Duke def. Marciea Allen by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (4:42)
    • Tecia Torres def. Kaiyana Rain by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
    • Ediane Gomes def. Katalina Malungahu by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 1 (4:19)

Invicta FC 3 play-by-play:

Ediane Gomes vs Katalina Malungahu

Round 1 – Overhand right from Gomes. Malungahu fires back. Big overhand fright from Malungahu again stuns Gomes. Malungahu fires off another big right hand. Gomes recovers, changes levels and drives for an easy take down. She’s going for a leg now. Malungahu pulls her leg free but now has Gomes on top. Gomes with some measured ground and pound. Malungahu kicks off and gets back to her feet. Malungahu wastes little time going back to that big right hand. Gomes closes and clinches, then drags Malungahu to the mat. Malungahu has won the battle on the feet, but the takedowns of Gomes may change this fight. Big punches now, full mount. Gomes transitions to the back and is looking for the rear naked choke. Malungahu looks like she is in deep trouble as the choke is under the chin. Malungahu somehow defends the choke but rolls and gets mounted. Big ground and pound now from Gomes. She’s landing some monster shots. Malungahu rolls, but Gomes is all over her. Back to mount. Left hands from Gomes. Hammerfists now. Under a minute to go. Malungahu rolls again and this time may not survive the choke. She taps and it’s over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ediane Gomes def. Katalina Malungahu by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 1 (4:19)

Kaiyana Rain vs Tecia Torres

Round 1 – Touch of gloves. Rain with lots of feints to start. Torres looks super quick out there. Big leg kick from Torres. To the head now with the kick from Torres. That’s what she does. Straight right hand connects for Torres. Rain fires back. Another kick from Torres. Rain coming forward now with a flying knee, and another kick. Rain clinches and puts Torres on the cage as they battle for position. Torres turns and puts Rain on the cage. Back-and-forth battle inside. Rain with a knee up the middle. Both fighters exchanging knees inside. Rain goes to her dirty boxing inside. She’s landing inside. They are still clinched up and fighting for position but staying busy while they do. Torres separates for a moment and sneaks an elbow in. Back to the clinch. Big elbow inside from Rain. They finally break. Center of the cage now. Torres scores with the leg kick. Rain returns fire with a spinning back fist that just misses. Torres leans in and gets caught with a left hand. Big 4 punch combo from Torres. She is firing them off straight down the middle as Rain backs up. Close first round. PMN scores the first for Torres, 10-9.

Round 2 – Rain takes the center of the cage and comes forward. Nice exchange as both land kicks. Flying knee lands for Rain. Torres moves back, resets, and unleashes some kicks of her own. Torres moving from southpaw to orthodox stance as she looks to get her offense on track. Rain goes up top with a kick but it’s blocked. Kicks by both again. Very nice technique from both fighters. Torres dips inside and throws punches in bunches with a short flurry. Kick rain. Torres counters with a right over the top. Torres with a picture-perfect leg kick-right hand combo. Torres with a big right hand. Rain clinches and locks up the body lock but Torres fights it off and separates. Great action in this fight. Torres with an axe kick that misses. Rain comes forward with a right, but Torres fires off a volley of strikes. Rain ducks a right hand and clinches. Torres fights her back off the cage and throws on her way out. Wild over hand right misses for Rain. Torres steps in with a short uppercut. Big exchange by both to the bell. Great work by Torres. PMN scores Round 2 for Torres.

Round 3 – Torres comes out taking the center of the cage. She looks like the fresher fighter to start. Rain uncorks a big right hand. Rain clinches again looking to get Torres to the mat. No dice. Torres again pushes off and fires on her way out. She is really doing well inside. Rain steps in for a kick, but Torres counters first with a right hand straight down the middle. Rain steps back to reset. She then shoots in for a takedown but again cannot control Torres. Torres pushes off and again throws a flurry on the exit. Rain finally throws an effective jab. Double jab at that, that scores. Clinch again. Rain working hard to get under hooks, but Torres pummels for position. Torres lands a knee in close. They separate and reset. Rain is not putting together combinations and that has been the story. Torres has effectively put together multiple punch combos the entire fight. Less than a minute to go. Torres jab. Wild overhand right follows and misses. Rain clinches again, still no takedown. Torres catches a kick from Rain and lands a right hand. Rain goes for a throw but ends up with Torres on her back searching for the rear naked choke. Torres ends in that position landing left hands to the bell. PMN scores it for Torres 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tecia Torres def. Kaiyana Rain by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Marciea Allen vs Jessamyn Duke

Round 1 – This fight should be explosive. Duke flashing her jab right out of the gate. Allen counters with her right hand. Kick Allen. Duke steps in and connects with a lead left hook. Leg kick by Duke. She really knows how to use her length. Allen with a kick from the outside. Stiff jab from Duke. Straight right hand from Duke. Duke looks really technical in her striking. To the body now from Duke. Allen is trying to get her jab on track too but is having trouble with the length. Super woman punch from Allen. She steps in and puts together a crisp combo before putting Duke on the cage. Allen is working hard in the clinch but Duke is controlling her head and defending nicely. Duke steps over and gets a throw to put Allen on the mat. Duke is looking to pass the guard of Allen now. Allen is employing the butterfly guard while controlling the posture of Allen. Allen creates space and is looking at sliding out the back door. Duke grabs a leg and goes to work. A scramble ensues and Allen is on top and dropping bombs. Duke is complaining about something but eating shots. Duke stays busy despite the complaint and swings her hips for an armbar. Wow!!! She has it. Allen is in trouble. It’s all over. The tap comes. Nice win for Duke.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessamyn Duke def. Marciea Allen by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (4:42)

Stephanie Frausto vs Amy Davis

Round 1 – Frausto storms out with a right hand, then a takedown. Frausto standing over Davis and landing big shots. Davis scrambles out of trouble but gives up her neck. Frausto looking for the standing guillotine. She doesn’t get it and gets put on her back. She still has the neck and is still going for the sub. She has it locked up pretty tight. She cinches it up and the tap comes.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Stephanie Frausto def. Amy Davis by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (0:48)

Joanne Calderwood vs Ashley Cummins

Round 1 – Touch fo gloves. Jab from both to start. Cummins triples up on her jab but misses from the outside. Calderwood lands with a stiff jab. Inside leg kick from Cummins. Calderwood is using her length to stay outside and fire off her left hand. Cummins fires off a rigth hand to close the distance. She puts Calderwood on the cage. Calderwood gets her back off the cage and steps away. Back to her jab now. Winging left hook from Cummins just misses. Calderwood still throwing mostly jabs. Big jab from Calderwood. She follows up with a crushing knee up the middle to the body that drops Cummins and it’s over. That was a vicious knee and Cummins is still down. She seems to be OK now. Huge win for Calderwood.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joanne Calderwood def. Ashley Cummins by TKO (knee) Rd 1 (3:13)

Carla Esparza vs Lynn Alvarez

Round 1 – Esparza is flashing her jab but make no mistake she will shoot for a takedown. Like I said…. There it is, the she’s on top already. Esparza elevates Alvarez and slams her, then moves to side mount. Elbows from Esparza. Alvarez scrambles but Esparza has great control from the top. Left hands from the top now. To the elbows now. Alvarez scrambles but gives up her back. Esparza is all over her. Big shots from the top. She is pouring on the punishment. Full mount now. She is smashing Alvarez. Left hands. Alvarez rolls. Esparza still dropping bombs on her. It’s over!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Carla Esparza def. Lynn Alvarez by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (2:53)

Danielle West vs Julia Budd

Round 1 – West wins the battle of the nicknames with “The Honey Badger.” West comes forward with her jab and clinches. Budd turns and puts West on the cage. Inside knees from West. Smart game plan by West to stay inside. They are still battling in the clinch. West is working to get Budd on the mat but so far has not been able to secure a takedown. Another knee from West. Budd pushes West off and takes her to the mat. To the full mount immediately. Budd postures and starts dropping big punches. West rolls but eats a flurry of rights. West kicks off and scrambles but ends up taking more shots. Budd drops big elbows and opens up the face of West. She is blasting West from the top. The referee steps in and it’s over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Julia Budd def. Danielle West by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (2:32)

Lacey Schuckman vs Michelle Waterson

Round 1 – Waterson getting her kick on early. Schuckman stalking her. Schuckman lands a big kick, then comes forward with punches. Waterson steps back and laces her with a big kick. They hit the ground and Schuckman is on top but Waterson has her neck. Waterson going for the guillotine. Schuckman frees her head then moves to full mount. Waterson rolls giving up her back and Schuckman immediately looks for the choke. Schuckman softening her up with left hands. Back to the rear naked attempt now. Waterson is battling two-on-one to survive. Schuckman back to the left hands now. Waterson rolls and sneaks a leg in. Schuckman still on top in the half guard. Waterson gets her other leg inside and retains guard. Waterson going with a very high guard. She transitions to the armbar now. It looks tight. A scramble ensues and Waterson is on top now. She backs off and they get back to the stand up. Schuckman comes forward and closes the distance so Waterson can’t get off from the outside. Waterson on the cage now. Knee just before the bell. PMN scores the first round for Schuckman, 10-9.

Round 2 – Big right hand from Waterson. Knees now. Big right hook from Waterson. She’s circling out as Schuckman stalks. Schuckman goes high with the kick but misses. Leg kick Waterson. Waterson with an exe kick. Schuckman catches the foot and pays for it. Waterson lands a couple of right hands inside. Schuckman now looking for the takedown on the cage. Schuckman snatches a leg and they hit the mat but it’s Waterson that lands on top and on the back. Waterson looking to sneak her arm under the chin. Schuckman escapes the choke, but still has Waterson on top. Left hands from Waterson now. Schuckman doing a good job controlling the posture of Waterson so far. Right hands now from the top. Short hammerfists now from Waterson. Schuckman still locking up the body of Waterson keeping the punishment to a minimum. Under a minute to go now. Waterson tries to work to sidemount but Schuckman retains full guard. Waterson landing some ground and pound now to the bell. End of Round. That one goes to Waterson, 10-9.

Round 3 – Kick from both to start the final frame. This round could decide it. Lead right hand from Waterson. Leg kick from Waterson. Schuckman a little hesitant to start. Spinning head kick from Waterson. Winging left hand from Schuckman misses. Schuckman’s corner is screaming for her to engage. Another leg kick. Schuckman wades in with a flurry of lefts. Knee from Waterson as she pushes off and steps away. Nice work by Waterson. She dips in, lands, and steps out. A takedown could decide the fight and Waterson is staying on the outside to avoid that. Schuckman clinches and nearly gets the takedown. Waterson is fighting off the takedown on the cage. So far she has. Foot stomps from Schuckman. Elbows from Waterson. Schuckman gets a huge takedown. If Waterson can’t get to her feet she may lose. Elbows from the bottom. Just over a minute to go. Waterson looks to sweep and grabs an arm. The armbar is there. She’s on top but only for a moment. Now Schuckman is back on top. She grabs an arm and Schuckman pulls out and steps back. 30 seconds to go. Head kick from Waterson. Leg kick, to the body from Waterson. Big exchange, clinch, bell. Wow great fight. PMN scores a close third round for Waterson, and the fight overall to her at 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michelle Waterson def. Lacey Schuckman by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Raquel Pennington vs Cat Zingano

Round 1 – Zingano comes out aggressive, clinches and looks to take the fight to the mat. Pennington fights off the takedown but still has her back on the cage. Knees from Zingano. She’s landing knees at will inside. Dirty boxing from Zingano with a short, left hand. Pennington fires back with knees to the body. She gets off the cage finally but gives up a takedown. Zingano on top now. Pennington works her way back to her feet. Zingano still all over her landing more knees inside. Pennington is firing back though. Both are landing a lot of knees. Pennington turns and puts Zingano on the cage. Grueling battle in the clinch. Both fighters still going mostly with knee strikes as they battle for inside position with the pummel. Zingano goes to the head with a knee now. Clinch and knees is the story so far. Zingano has controlled the pace to this point. Zingano gets a late takedown to secure the round. PMN scores the opening stanza for Zingano.

Round 2 – Kick from Zingano. Side kick from Pennington. Zingano rushes forward then lands a big kick and a right hand. Back to the clinch now. Pennington has to get off the cage in this round. More knees inside. Zingano goes for the lateral drop now. Pennington has great hips, she keeps her feet. Zingano snatches her off the cage and gets the takedown this time. Zingano is in side control. Pennington with right hands to the body. Zingano goes knee on belly now looking to move to full mount. She gets it now. She’s lands a crushing elbow. Pennington rolls and Zingano has her back. The RNC looks tight right off the bat. Pennington is going two-on-one to defend but the choke is tight. The tap comes and Zingano stays perfect in her career.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cat Zingano def. Raquel Pennington by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2 (3:32)

Vanessa Porto vs Tara Larosa

Round 1 – LaRosa with her jab early. Porto with a leg kick. Big right hand from Porto. Another big right hand connects for Porto. LaRosa circling now. She shoots from way outside but gets shutdown. Porto’s kicks look great. Porto drops LaRosa with yet another right hand. LaRosa wants her to come to the ground but Porto backs off. Back to the feet. LaRosa just doesn’t look right. Not sure what is going on. Porto stalking. Laser quick one-two from Porto. Porto is decimating the defense of LaRosa with that right hand. She drops her again. Porto stands over LaRosa kicking to the legs. Back to the feet. Jab Porto. She has no fear of the stand up of LaRosa. Big leg kick now. LaRosa is limping. Her leg is getting shredded with those kicks. Stiff jab down the middle from Porto. LaRosa is getting busier but is still getting beat to the punch. End of Round 1. PMN scores the first for Porto, 10-9.

Round 2 – LaRosa effectively using her jab early. She looks much better then the start of the bout. She eats another leg kick and wobbles out of range. The next leg kick takes her legs out and she hits the mat. Porto is doing Jose Aldo damage with these kicks. Lead left hand from Porto. LaRosa fires back but misses with a wild right hand. More kicks from Porto. Jab from LaRosa. She has been largely ineffective with her stand up. They exchange and go to work. Both fighters winging big shots from the outside. Porto being more cautious outside now. She steps in and goes right back to the leg. LaRosa swinging wildly but hitting nothing but air. LaRosa coming forward. Knee up the middle. Big right hand staggers LaRosa. Porto senses she is hurt and comes forward with another big shot. LaRosa shoots from way outside again. Not even close. End of 2. PMN scores the second for Porto, 10-9.

Round 3 – Porto is picking her shots to start the final round. Overhand right. She has found a home for that all night. Again. LaRosa counters but is a step behind. She shoots again but Porto easily avoids the takedown. Porto isn’t even setting up the right hand up anymore with a jab. She is just throwing it at will. Another shot, another failed takedown attempt by LaRosa. Porto has abandoned the leg kick from some reason. Jab Porto. LaRosa again looks to close. Right hand again. Kick. LaRosa is barely standing on that damaged leg. Leg kick again. Wow. LaRosa shoots again. Not even close. She re-shoots and nearly gets her hands on Porto but cannot get a grip on her long enough to work her to the mat. Under a minute now. LaRosa finally secures a leg but Porto works free. Jab from LaRosa. LaRosa comes forward swinging to the bell but it won’t be enough. PMN scores the fight for Porto 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Vanessa Porto def. Tara Larosa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Aisling Daly vs Barb Honchak

Round 1 – Daly jab. Honchak counter right hand. Kick by Daly. Honcheck with a short flurry. Daly goes right back to her kick. Honchak is countering very nicely with the right hand off the kick. Daly switching stances constantly. Push kick now. Honchak lands a big leg kick. Winging right hand by Daly. Big exchange. Both fighters land then step back and reset. Thai clinch from Honchak. Nice knee. Dirty boxing inside. Break. Daly has some wild movement and foot work. Honchak looks like she is settling down and figuring it out. Stiff jab from Honchak. One-two from Daly from the southpaw stance. Honchak goes upstairs and lands a kick. Double jab Honchak. The second one connected. Clinch now. Knees again from Honchak. She stays really busy inside. Counter right hand off the kick. Knee and elbows from Honchak. Daly closes now Honchak is on her back. Daly leans on the cage. Honchak pressing on the cage. She digs in left hands to the body. Elbows inside. More body shots from Honchak. She is working now. Knee in the clinch. More knees. PMN scores Round 1 for Honchak, 10-9.

Round 2 – Daly lands a stinging lead left hook. Honchak gets right back to work. She’s landing the higher strike count. Much cleaner too in the exchanges. Honchak goes back to the thai plum. Daly pulls guard. Honchak postures and stands. Back to the feet. Daly is punching the thigh of Honchak. She is really unorthodox. They hit the mat and Daly immediately goes for a kimura attempt. Honchak is out of trouble and takes her back. Daly rolls. Honchak on top. Nasty elbows from the top. Daly is bleeding now. Daly is active off her back but Honchak is relentless. She gives up her back and Honchak softens her up with punches and is looking for the choke. Daly rolls again. She’s trying to shake Honchak off the top. Hammerfists. Honchak is a monster from the top. More strikes from the top as Daly keeps moving. Right hands from the back of Daly. To the body. Honchak is punishing her nonstop. She is going for the rear naked choke again. Honchak transitions to the full mount, now back to the back of Daly. PMN scores that round for Honchak as well, 10-9.

Round 3 – Daly coming forward. Winging right hand. She gets inside and puts Honchak on the mat. Honchak kicks off and gets back to her feet. Honchak puts Daly on the cage and throws a flurry on her way out. They take the center of the cage and engage. Honchak closes and gets the takedown. Daly again looking for the kimura. Not even close. Honchak frees her arm and spins to side control. Daly rolls but still has Honchak all over her. This looks just like the second round. Hammerfists from Honchak as she sits over the guard of Daly. She finally backs off and lets Daly stand. Daly connects with a lead left hook. Front kick from Daly. Daly shoots in and eats a knee then gets taken down. Honchak takes her back and goes to work with left hands. Under two to go. Daly uses the cage to kick off but can’t shake Honchak. From the mount to the back by Honchak. She is dominating position. Right hands from the top. Daly is an absolute warrior. She has taken a lot of punishment. Honchak steps up and away. They reset and Daly comes forward with a sense of urgency. Huge exchange with both fighters landing grazing shots. Big left hand from Daly. Right hand answer from Honchak. PMN scores the fight for Honchak 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Barb Honchak def. Aisling Daly by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Leslie Smith vs Kaitlin Young

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and go to work to kick off the rematch. Young controlling the clinch early. Knees by Young. Big exchange. Smith is throwing now in the pocket. Young fires back. Smith is on the cage now. Big elbows from Young. Knees inside by Smith. They are going at it. Young with another elbow. Inside leg kick by Smith. Huge exchange. Thai clinch Young. Knees inside. Smith takes the fight to the mat but lands in an armbar. She locks up the shoulder. Smith may be in trouble. Smith is working to free her arm. She grabs the legs of Young and is now on top. Smith with hammerfists now. Young transitions to the triangle. Smith pulls free and stands over the guard of Young. Smith is relentless. She is firing off to the body now. Young is again looking to swing her hips but she’s trapped on the cage. Elbows from Smith now. She moves to full mount now. Young moves to half guard. Big shots from Smith. She is punishing Young to finish the round. PMN scores the first round for Smith, 10-9.

Round 2 – Kicks Smith. Young clinches again. Smith turns and puts Young on the cage. To the plum clinch. Knees from Young. Smith is powering through and landing with some dirty boxing. Young changes levels and shoots for a takedown. Smith drops for a kneebar. They are on the ground battling now. What a fight. Young rolls and it’s a mad scramble. Smith ends up on top now. Short right hands from the top. Smith postures and is landing big right hands now. Young is looking for an arm but Smith powers out. To the crucifix. Smith is dropping a barrage of unanswered blows from the top. Wow! Smith is pouring it on and it’s over. Brutal finish by Smith.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Leslie Smith def. Kaitlin Young by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (2:19)

Sarah D’Alelio vs Shayna Baszler

Round 1 – No touch of gloves in this one. D’Alelio flashing her jab. Big kick from Baszler. Nice uppercut from Baszler. Leg kick Baszler. Baszler puts D’Alelio on her back. She’s in side control, then moves to take the back. D’Alelio is looking to shake Baszler off the top. Nice control from Baszler. Working the body now from the top. D’Alelio can’t shake Baszler. She’s eating big elbows to the corner. D’Alelio staying very calm and collected. She’s trying to turn in and get on top. Baszler still controlling position but not doing much offensively. D’Alelio scrambles but still cannot shake Baszler. 30 seconds to go. Heel stomps from Baszler. To the body now. First round goes to Baszler, 10-9.

Round 2 – Jabs from both to start. Clinch/knee from Baszler. D’Alelio slips to the mat. Baszler attacks unleashing a fury of shots. D’Alelio is being overwhelmed in this one. Baszler takes the back and is dropping shots. She goes for the choke and it looks tight. D’Alelio taps. Game over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Shayna Baszler def. Sarah D’Alelio by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2 (0:37)

Atomweight Title Fight: Naho Sugiyama vs Jessica Penne

Round 1 – Sugiyama is the top-ranked atomweight. One of these women will leave ranked #1 wearing Invicta gold after this one. Penne jabbing early, using her reach well. Sugiyama is flashing hers while looking for an opening. Right hand Sugiyama. Penne lands a nice stiff jab that snaps the head of Sugiyama back. Pennes catches a kick and puts Sugiyama on the deck. Penne advances to full mount but only for a moment. Sugiyama employs the butterfly guard to prevent the mount. To the body from Penne now. She’s caught in the half guard as her corner calls for her to pass. More body shots from the top. Penne is working short elbows now. Sugiyama doing a good job of keeping her guard and preventing too much punishment. Penne fires off some short left hands to the face, then back to the body. Body-body-head from Penne. Penne steps over for the mount but again the butterfly guard prevents the mount. Nice scramble. Back to the feet. Penne lands a knee on the break. Big jab from Penne. Sugiyama gets off with her right hand. Penne locks her up in the clinch and goes to work with knees. Sugiyama pressing now. She puts Penne on the cage but gets reversed. Penne looking for a throw to secure a late takedown. Sugiyama maintains her footing. End of Round 1. PMN gives the first to 10-9.

Round 2 – Sugiyama coming forward to start the second. Penne goes right back to her jab. Counter right from Penne as Sugiyama steps in for the kick. Leg kick from Sugiyama. Penne returns fire. Sugiyama finally lands a solid right hand as Penne comes forward. Plum clinch and knees from Penne. She pulls Sugiyama to the mat but then gets reversed. Penne is looking for a triangle now. Sugiyama stacks Penne but she may be in trouble. Sugiyama is trying to posture out but is in trouble. Penne still working the sub attempt. Sugiyama is stacking her. Penne readjusts and the tap comes. Wow!! Beautiful finish. Jessica Penne is now the first-ever Invicta Atomweight champion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessica Penne def. Naho Sugiyama by submission (triangle choke) Rd 2 (2:20)

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