Another week and another show, but this week is not like every other show. You know that we love MMA, but nothing gets our blood pumping here at the Barber Shop like Women’s MMA. This week we have a special treat for you guys and gals. Invicta FC is taking over the shop and I promise you it might as well be the fourth of July because it’s going to be FIREWORKS!


Our first guest is the boss behind the promotion. Invicta FC’s very own Shannon Knapp. If you don’t know about Shannon’s past it’s deep. Shannon has worked for King of the Cage, World Fighting Alliance, International Fight League, Affliction Entertainment, UFC and Strikeforce — and you thought you knew MMA. Shannon started Invicta FC back in 2011 after the purchase of Strikeforce by Zuffa. Shannon has created the largest female promotion in the world and it’s just in it’s third event. We will talk to Shannon about the journey to this point, the future and where she sees Invicta FC in the next few years, and even the struggles of running an all women’s MMA promotion. Invicta FC 3 is set to take place October 6, 2012 in Kansas City, Kansas. The card is stacked and you know we have to talk to Shannon about the current line-up and putting together some of the biggest women’s fights the sport has seen. I’ll be honest giving Shannon only 30 minutes is going to be a squeeze, but I’m sure we can get it done. Just a little fact for you, the term Invicta, a Latin word for “invincible and incomparable”, was chosen by founders Knapp and Janet Martin since the terms invincible and incomparable are very masculine, but the term appears in the feminine form in Latin, and they thought it was a good description for women’s MMA. Make sure to follow Shannon & the Invicta promotion on twitter @ShanKnapp & @InvictaFights


So we could only give Shannon 30 minutes because we have three of the sports best finishing up the show. Our first guest Stephanie “Macaquinha” Frausto is back for her second fight for Invicta FC in what I think will be a banger. Stephanie is set to take on Amy Davis, and I can’t see this one being anything but entertaining. Stephanie is younger sister of Zoila Gurgel, and recently moved out to Ohio to train with her sister. Since the move she has already picked up one belt and dropped down in weight. You might remember her first fight where she lost a razor thin decision to past guest Ashley Cummins. Stephanie has improved her ground game since the move and it could be the key to victory against Davis. We will talk to Stephanie about the move, training with her sister, the fight against Davis, and so much more. All I know is that Macaquinha is ready for the fight and ready to leave fans with something to talk about. Follow Stephanie on twitter @StephMacaquinha


Kicking off the second hour is half of the Co-Main event for for Invicta FC 3. Sarah D’Alelio is set to take on Shayna Baszler, and as an MMA fan, I can’t wait to see this fight. Sarah is a Monster when a fight hits the ground and it’s no surprise why that’s her nickname. She sports a record of 6-2 with 5 of those wins coming by way of submission. I don’t see how this fight goes to the cards and if it does I’ll be shocked. Sarah is riding a two fight win streak and did I mention she has fought on every Invicta card to date? Ending both fights before the end of the second round. We will talk to Sarah about fighting for Invicta FC, her time in the sport facing some of the biggest names, and how much longer she thinks it will be until she gets a shot at an Invicta Belt. Get ready for “The Monster” and make sure to tune into her fight October 6.


October 6 will see the first ever Invicta FC champ crowned, and our last guest is looking to be the one taking the title home. Jessica Penne is set to take on Naho Sugiyama. Jessica has an amazing record of 9-1 and is looking to give Naho her first loss of her career. This fight is going to end before the last bell rings I would be willing to put money on it. Jessica is no stranger to Invicta FC as we saw her beat Lisa Ellis at Invicta FC 1 by TKO. Don’t think because the girl is small that she doesn’t pack a punch. We have so much to talk to her about from her time in the sport, to fighting for the first ever Invicta Belt. Penne has always been around sports playing Softball and Soccer since the age of 7, so she is no stranger to competition. She even tried out for the wrestling team, but was told girls couldn’t be a part of the team. Penne has been involved in the sport since 2006 where she picked up her first win by triangle choke. We will talk to her about how she got started in the sport and the journey to where she is now. From what I hear, a kickboxing class is what sparked the fire. Get ready for one of the hardest hitting 105 female fighters in the sport to drop bombs on the air and leave the shop a wreck just like she plans on doing come OCtober 6. Follow Jessica on twitter @JessicaPenne

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