Canadian promotion Aggression Fighting Championship (AFC) has reached an exclusive deal with KoldCast Entertainment Media that will see future AFC programming broadcast online via KoldCast TV.

Best known for its lineup of web series, KoldCast TV will air AFC content through a combination of web-based streaming and multi-platform broadcasting. For the technologically challenged among us, that means you’ll be able to catch AFC fights on your computer as well as on televisions, tablets, smartphones equipped with the right streaming capabilities.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, AFC co-owner Harvey Panesar expressed his optimism about the new partnership:

“You will see new and exciting AFC shows in all of our territories, including Manitoba, Alberta and BC, as well as across the U.S. and in many international markets.  This is the shot in the arm we were looking for – one that really pushes us over the edge.  We have found the company that will launch us into the spotlight”

Now that AFC fights can be easily viewed online by audiences throughout North America, stay tuned to ProMMANow ( for breaking AFC news and information on upcoming fight cards.

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