Dana White: ‘Chael Sonnen is not scared of Anderson Silva’

UFC President Dana White recently spoke with ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) and other media about the upcoming rematch between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen scheduled for UFC 148 on July 7 in Las Vegas.

White predicted it could either be an all-out war, or Silva could end it quickly. He also explained, at least as he sees it, what separates Sonnen from everyone else Silva fights:

“Well, I don’t ever give predictions but a lot of people don’t like Chael or like Chael, whatever the case may be. I do believe that Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter ever in MMA history, and not just UFC, I think he’s the greatest ever. He’s broke every record in UFC history, and Chael Sonnen is the only guy to almost ever beat him. I think it’s going to be a fun fight. It’s either going to be an absolute war, Anderson is going to go out and destroy him quickly, or who knows. It’s definitely interesting.

“The thing I like about Chael… he’s nutty as hell, I mean half the [expletive] the guy says is like what, right? But, he backs it up. When the guy goes in there and fights man he fights. I know this, most guys go in and they’re scared when they fight Anderson. They’re intimidated. He’s got like that Tyson aura. People are scared and afraid. Chael Sonnen is not afraid of Anderson Silva. He’s not. And that makes it a completely different fight than anybody else he fights.”

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