Eddie Wineland vs Scott Jorgensen

JAY CEE: I definitely think this fight will go the distance, both men possess knockout power in their hands but I think Jorgensen is the more well rounded fighter with high level wrestling and jiu jitsu. Wineland has good takedown defence which could prove vital in this fight, if does go to the ground Scott will have the advantage. I think the fight will contain some exciting striking, but Jorgensen’s dominant ground game will secure the decision. PICK: Scott Jorgensen wins via Decision.

GREG DELONG: Jorgenson, similar to the Faber/Wineland fight I think Jorgensen will be able to grind out a decision with superior wrestling and work rate.

KELVIN HUNT: Jorgensen is the more well rounded fighter, but if he can’t take Wineland down he might have some problems. Jorgensen will win the transitions which will be the difference in this one probably. I think Jorgensen edges Wineland via split decision.

JOHN BUHL: Everyone I talked to about this fight told me to pick Jorgensen, even though I have a sneaky feeling Wineland might be able to fight off his takedowns and beat him up on the feet. We’ll see, but it’s a tough one to call. Joregensen’s striking is solid but not fantastic; to win he needs to put Wineland on his back and use his heavy-handedness in the ground-and-pound department. The last lanky striker Jorgensen had to face picked him apart on the feet and stuffed his double-leg attempts. Picking Wineland by decision in a slight upset.

DAN THE WOLFMAN: Jorgenson who’s got two ufc Victories over Wineland who has yet to have a UFC win by Grit and harder punching power.  Decision or TKO.

Mike Pyle vs Josh Neer

JAY CEE: Josh Neer looked great in his last fight against Duane Ludwig, he reminded us how of dangerous he can be on the ground with submission’s. Mike Pyle is also technically sound on the ground so it should be interesting. Before his last fight Neer defeated four straight opponents via TKO and I can see him pulling it off against Pyle. Josh is on a six fight winning streak and definitely has the ability to make it seven, however Pyle is a tough guy and has caused many upset’s in the past. I see Neer winning this by knockout or sub in the second round. PICK: Josh Neer wins via TKO or Sub.

GREG DELONG: Tough fight here, again Mike Pyle should be able to use his wrestling to shut down Neer and win a decision.

KELVIN HUNT: I can’t believe Neer is the underdog or was the last time I checked…he’s younger…has more tools…Neer in a dogfight…..via decision

JOHN BUHL: Has Josh Neer fixed his takedown defense? His last UFC stint saw him get laid-and-prayed to defeat on more than one occasion. Pyle probably has the wrestling acumen to take Neer down and keep him there. Neer though could have the advantage on the feet, so tough fight to call. I’ll take Pyle by split decision.

DAN THE WOLFMAN: While I think Pyle is really coming into his own and showing his overall skill, Neer is as gritty as they come and on an amazing 3 fight win streak.  So Neer by Decision or TKO…who works with my old boxing coach at Alley Cat boxing….Mr. Perez!

Erick Silva vs Charlie Brenneman

JAY CEE: These two men have an interesting contrast in style’s, Silva likes to end fights and he can do this standing or on the ground and Brenneman tends to use wrestling to grind his opponent down and score the decision victory. Erick’s wrestling may not be as strong as Charlie’s but he has a black belt in jiu jitsu which makes him very dangerous on the mat. Whoever chooses to take control and dictate the pace will hold the advantage. I cannot see this fight going the distance, I think Silva will land a TKO victory. PICK: Erick Silva wins via TKO.

GREG DELONG: Silva is a dynamic and explosive striker. I don’t see Brenneman being able to keep Silva away long enough to implement his wrestling. I see this fight ending the same way for Brenneman as the Anothony Johnson fight did. Silva by KO/TKO.

KELVIN HUNT: If Silva can stop Brenneman from taking him down he should win…I’m not sure he will be able to so I’m going with Brenneman via decision.

JOHN BUHL: No doubt that Erick Silva is better on the feet and Brenneman will want to take him down. His wrestling is solid, but Silva seems cut from the same cloth as the new generation of top Brazilian prospects — great athletes with superb takedown defense. I’m sort of guessing, since we haven’t seen someone really press Silva hard for the takedown in a drawn-out fight, but going with Silva by third round TKO.

DAN THE WOLFMAN: Silva would be on a possible 11 fight win streak if not for a questionable DQ (should have been a NC at best, not a career damaging loss) and a no contest.  However, the Wolfman has to go with Brenneman by decision due to his huge wrestling advantage.  I don’t believe Erick Silva has faced that kind of grinding wrestler with high credentials before.  But it’s MMA folks, Silva could always get the KO/TKO or Choke.  Damn, I love this sport!

Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall

JAY CEE: This fight is sure to be action packed, both men are well-rounded with great wrestling ability and striking. McCall has great take-down defence and this could be something that Johnson has trained for since their last fight. Ian laid down some really dominant ground and pound when these last two men met but was unable to finish, I think this time round McCall will score with his striking and finish the fight. PICK: Ian McCall wins via TKO.

GREG DELONG: This fight should be incredibly exciting and I see it picking up right where it left off. McCall was picking up momentum and obviously controlled the second half of the fight and probably would have won a 4th round if addition wasn’t such a problem in Australia. This time I see McCall winning this fight without there being a doubt. His length with let him win the striking battle standing and if he gets on top he could finish this fight. McCall by unanimous decision and on to the title fight with Benavidez.

KELVIN HUNT: I thought Johnson deserved to win the first fight even though that’s an unpopular opinion amongst most people at the time. However, I think Johnson can make more adjustments than McCall in regards to gameplan, but it’s still going to be a very tough fight that’s pretty much a pick’em…I’m going with Johnson via decision.

JOHN BUHL: Johnson had more success on the feet than I expected, but McCall still has the heavier hands. Perhaps most importantly, McCall out-grappled Mighty Mouse in their first match. Without his wrestling to fall back on, I see this rematch being a continuation of the third round from the first encounter and a comfortable decision win for McCall.

DAN THE WOLFMAN: I am confused as to whether this is a 3 or 5 rounder.  McCall does indeed need to watch out for Mighty Mouse using my hyped Kali Knee Destructions to low kicks, as it messed Uncle Creepies foot up that entire last fight….same as Jon Jones did to Rashad Evans foot. DJ’s got the quickness, and should do good early.  But we saw that Uncle Creepy has got the strength and wrestling advantage and should be able to use that late again.  I think UC is possessed at pushing more and will take the decision this time.  

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