UFC supports creation of International MMA Federation

The UFC is the pinnacle of MMA at the moment, but even the owners at Zuffa realize that there needs to be some formal training ground for young fighters to maximize their potential and further legitimize the sport. Enter the International MMA Federation (IMMAF) which will be centered around global unified amateur rules, regulations, and safety.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta spoke on the issue:

“In order to maintain the successful growth of our sport, it is important to invest in resources that will develop and cultivate it at an amateur level. Having an umbrella organization that will oversee and help build the sport on a global level will not only provide advanced and ever-improving safety standards but will also create a unified global model to help introduce the sport to new markets. It is our hope that it will also take us one step closer to witnessing the inclusion of the sport of MMA on the Olympic programme.”

Consistency is the big thing here as it’s very important for all MMA fighters and promotions to adhere to the same rules and regulations which will impact training habits and fighter development. This will allow up and coming fighters to know and understand rules and regulations without having to worry about what’s allowed and what isn’t.

UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner:

“MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and we support the Federation’s focus on providing a globally unified set of rules and safety measures to help keep all fighters safe. While there are many obstacles ahead in the formation of this international organization, we are confident of the outcomes and advancements this group will make for the future of our sport.”

I think this is excellent news and you can find more information at www.immaf.org.

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