Chad Dietmeyer knows all about disappointment.

Dietmeyer tried out for The Ultimate Fighter on two occasions, both times getting all the way through the grappling, striking, interview, and medical phases only to not be selected as the names were announced.

He heard that the UFC really liked him. He was told that he had a great shot at being on this season’s TUF Live show if he tried out again. That was the plan, and it seemed that the stars were aligned for him to get his shot after running his record to a near perfect 8-1.

Five days before tryouts, Dietmeyer broke his hand.

Instead of focusing on the negative events, Dietmeyer is instead concentrating on earning yet another victory against his toughest opponent to date, while his friend and training partner, UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz headed to Las Vegas to coach TUF Live.

Dietmeyer will be facing Antonio McKee on March 30 as the main event at the EFWC’s “Untamed 2” event, and knows that a victory over the likes of McKee would propel his career to new levels.

“It’s a great opportunity and I’m happy that someone the caliber of Antonio accepted a fight with me,” Dietmeyer told

“You know, guys like that don’t have to take a fight with guys like me. They can take bigger fights for more money. I’m just happy that he decided that he would take a fight with me and give me the opportunity to try to move up in my career.”

The outspoken McKee had plenty to say about Dietmeyer recently as a guest of FIST-ta-CUFF radio, but Dietmeyer just laughs off the trash talk, admitting that he has nothing but respect for McKee. Dietmeyer laughs often during conversation, and it reflects his philosophy on fun being a big part of fighting for a living.

“I’m not big on talking [expletive] about people,” Dietmeyer said. “Everybody that gets in that cage and fights; I like. I don’t talk unless I have to. I’m just happy for the opportunity to showcase my skills.”

Dietmeyer recently made the move full time to San Diego to train at Alliance MMA from Arizona with his coach and manager, George Castro. The decision was made after training with many of the guys from Alliance as they made their way back and forth between California and Arizona. After seeing the improvements in Dominick Cruz’s career as well as some of his other training partners, making the move seemed like a natural step.

“I just figured if not now; then it’s never. Sometimes you have to take a chance and throw in all your cards and see what happens. I believe that what I’m doing now is an investment in my future. I’m at that age and at that stage in my career where it’s time to really take a stab at it. “

Dietmeyer is well aware of the wrestling and top control of Mckee, but remains confident that he can adapt to whatever McKee may do once the cage door closes.

“I watched his last MFC fight and he stood a lot more than he usually does,” Dietmeyer said. “Maybe he’s trying to make one more run and impress people by standing. I do have an idea of what he’s going to do, but I’m going to be ready if he does something else.”

Dietmeyer has fought in main events before, but never one this big and with this much riding on it. Despite what is on the line in this bout, Dietmeyer insists that pressure is never an issue when he steps into the cage.

“I think if you let pressure get to you, then you are not in the right sport. You are out there to showcase what you’re doing and have fun. I think that’s the biggest thing. I’m going to go out there and have fun.”

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