We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard the rumors flying around that Legend FC’s event has been “postponed” (now we know the event has been moved). As we stated yesterday, a tweet was all it took to start the rumor mill to go insane. It was also brought to our attention that there were even more claims Legend FC that are just plain shocking.

Another well known MMA website actually stated that “Filipino powerhouse URCC and RUFF of China filed lawsuits against Legend FC.” While these are merely rumors, they still raised many eyebrows and caused many to scratch their heads on whether these claims could be trusted.

Well, you can stop scratching your heads because earlier today, URCC’s head honcho, Alvin Aguilar released a statement on the situation on URCCMMA.com and it pretty much brings to light the true situation that is on hand.

We’re very sure that Legend FC will be releasing an official press release on this lawsuit from the URCC. Stay tuned as we bring you more news on this very high profile situation.

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