They say that a smile can light up a room. Whoever said that was right especially in the case of Zorobabel Moreira (5-1). While for some fighters it’s rare for them to smile (hint: Nick “Stinky Face” Diaz), it’s rare not to see Zorobabel or Zoro, as some of his students like to call him, without one.

It’s hard to imagine this mild mannered good looking fella is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt and has the job of beating people up for a living. Yes, in case you didn’t already know, this week we want you to get to know Zorobabel Moreira.

Zoro left Brazil in 2009 to seek a better life and train in one of Asia’s top Mixed Martial Arts academies, Evolve MMA, where he was eventually brought in to work as a full time BJJ instructor.

Zoro was one of the earlier instructors in the school which houses the most number of BJJ and Muay Thai Champions in Asia. Not only was Zoro an instructor, he was also part of the Evolve Fight Team along side other members such as DREAM Lightweight Champion, Shinya Aoki, UFC Lightweight Rafael Dos Anjos, Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson and Eddie “The Magician” Ng.

Zoro has been described by his students at Evolve as one of the most patient and hardworking instructors around. Many have expressed their feelings that he is a teacher who really cares for his students.

Zoro’s fight career in Asia did not start the way he probably wanted it to. Having two wins under his belt since leaving Brazil, Zoro took a fight with hot prospect and former Strikeforce fighter Joe Ray at Martial Combat 3. The fight did not go the way Zoro and his Evolve Fight Team wanted it to go and Zoro got caught and was knocked out cold in 13 seconds.

While disappointed, Zoro handled the loss like a true champion and came back at Martial Combat 12 later that year to defeat Korean Yun Seob Kwak. Zoro has been on a three fight win streak since that win.

Zoro’s most recent victory was at “ONE FC: Champion vs Champion” in September of last year against former Ultimate Fighter contestant Andy Wang.

It was also Zoro’s first fight at lightweight. Standing at 6′ 3″, Zoro is a monster with a height and reach advantage in the 155 pound division. His weight cut to 155 pounds has left many scratching their heads. The discipline he has maintained to make weight despite his natural size is a true testament to his dedication to the sport.

Zoro has also made it into the top 10 of the 2012 World MMA Lightweight Scouting Report. Zoro ranked in at number 7. His next fight will be at Asia’s Premier Mixed Martial Art’s promotion, ONE FC at their 3rd event which will be held in Singapore on March 31st.

While his opponent has yet to be named, it has been rumored (and once again, we stress rumored) that it will be against a Japanese fighter. If that is true, it could be a huge challenge for Zoro but one we’re sure he’s ready to face head on.

So thanks for taking some time off and getting to know Zorobabel Moreira. Regardless of whether you know him as Zorobabel the teacher, Zoro the Fighter or as 8 Days Magazine’s “Shirtless Guy of the Week” (check out the magazine to find out what we mean), we’re certain you’ll get bowled over by his friendly and welcoming good nature.

So next time if you see the 6-foot-3 Zorobabel Moreira, just give him a smile and most likely he’ll show you his million dollar smile right back at you. He’ll brighten up your day, we guarantee.

For more information on Zoro, you may check out his page on Facebook.

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