The crowd was screaming, his opponent’s music was blasting through the speakers and he stood in his corner alone waiting for the fight to begin. However, nothing phased him, not the noise, not the lights and definitely not his opponent across him. All he thought of was winning because he was in the zone where only he can get into.¬†When the referee shouted “fight” he charged out like a true warrior going after his opponent and most importantly, going after victory.

No, that’s not a description from a Rocky wannabe movie, that’s what we saw when Alex Silva fought at DARE 2/11. He’s a beast in the cage and he’s going to make waves in the flyweight division in Asia. This is why you should take 10 minutes off your schedule, sit down and get to know our spotlighted fighter this week. We want you to get to know Alex Silva.

Alex Silva is one of the Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors at Asia’s top Mixed Martial Arts academy, Evolve MMA. Alex is also a member of the Evolve Fight Team, which is also regarded as being one of the top fight teams in Asia. Alex received his black belt in 2007 and he decided to move to Asia to further his MMA career and also his skills as a fighter.

What better way to improve your skills and ability than to be a part of a MMA academy that boasts multiple Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champions all under one roof. Alex has had more than 300 BJJ matches and has finished first, second (twice) and third at the Mundials. How’s that for a BJJ resume?

Alex’s first MMA fight was at DARE 2/12 in Bangkok, Thailand against Thai Judoka Suchat Lukamkuha. The TFN crew were there to see the match live and to say that Alex looked good in victory would be an understatement. As soon as the referee started the fight, Alex went after his opponent with aggression and tenacity. Alex stalked his opponent and defeated him in the first round via submission. It was a very impressive showing to say the least.

Alex’s next big challenge will be at ONE FC 2 in Indonesia against Team Lakay’s Geje Eustaquio. The fight happens in just two days. This will be a challenging fight for Alex as Geje has a 2-1 MMA record and is from one of the top gyms in Asia as well, Team Lakay. Geje, much like his Team Lakay team mates such as Eduard Folayang, has a Wushu based background and is a dangerous striker. Alex is preparing his whole complete game in order to secure a victory against the dangerous Filipino.

We’ve met Alex Silva personally on a few occasions and we have to say that he is without a doubt one of the most humble, polite and friendliest people you can meet. He has mentioned in past interviews that he comes from a humble beginning and that his family was poor. So it’s quite obvious, like many Brazilians who turn to fighting, he is fighting for his family to have a better life.

This Saturday, you will be able to see Alex get into the zone in his match which will be shown on the ONE FC Facebook page live. Then you will see Alex in his full blown ferocity in the cage. It’s amazing how he can turn on the switch and be the beast that he is once it’s time to fight. So tune in to Alex’s fight this Saturday and there’s a high chance that after the fight, you will not only know the name Alex Silva but you will remember it too, for a very long time.

Thanks for taking time off and getting to know this fighter.

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