The Arnold Grappling Championships are expected to grow bigger and better in 2012 as The World Grappling Circuit manages the popular event for the first time.

The WGC runs grappling at the Europa Supershow in Dallas and several other large events.

The Arnold Grappling Championships will be held March 2-3 in Columbus, Ohio, with all Gi divisions to be held on Saturday, March 2 and all no-Gi divisions set for Sunday, March 3.

In addition, in an effort to increase the level of competition, the Arnold Grappling Championships will run an official ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) expert portion of the show. The Expert or Advance no-Gi divisions of the men’s and women’s adult divisions will compete in ADCC style. Click here for rules.

The winners of this advanced adult competition will receive free entry into the ADCC North American Championships held later in the year. The ADCC World Federation will bring its head referee from the Abu Dhabi Combat Club to oversee the competition in the Arnold Grappling Championships. (Note: this is only the Men and Women Adult Advanced division. All other divisions will have normal Gi and no-Gi rules.)

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This year’s Arnold Grappling Championships will be like no other. Hope you are ready and Good Luck.


400 N. High Street
Columbus, OH

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