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What are we talking about? That was a lesson I remember learning very early in life. Respect your elders was another, and mind your own business was the moral of the story. Respecting one’s elders would require building your own life and designing your own happiness.

Humanity has been on a receivership path for far too many generations. Cannibalism is rampant and cancers grow by land and sea. We are due for some hard lessons…better get to the gym.

I suppose it’s like a dog perking his ears up or fleeing for higher ground. People are more instinctive than they will admit, but don’t like to draw attention to themselves. That is because we have not, as a species, been free in a very long time.

Why then would I get into a cage, just to be regulated even further? That should be our attitudes, but the reality of our situation makes the cage the only spot that freedom’s light shines. I will do anything for the opportunity to experience freedom’s warmth, boy is it nice. The draw of other tangibles cease to appeal once that leap is made. It’s a fun ride!

I witnessed a 290 pound amateur mixed martial artist throw a 320 pound amateur mixed martial artist 10 feet behind his right shoulder into a slam on Saturday evening. It was an impressive toss to say the least, however, my fella was the one who got thumped.

J.T. Tilley has been promoting MMA in Branson, Mo., over 5 years. ShoFIGHT packed a room with camps from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. The facility was complete with Jack Daniel’s own Tennessee whisky.

Over 20 men entertained the crowd with their lust for non-interventionist freedom. Big William Moore fought proud and tough. I look forward to working with him regularly at KC Premier in Riverside.

Next week Hillbilly Fight Wear will produce our first and only political apparel. I have believed in myself my whole life and have shared my faith with my neighbors. I will stand as an individual for the legalization of freedom.

Please help me elect a small business owner from Texas with two first names. He is a medical doctor, husband of 54 years, father of five, grandfather of 18 and a state-elected representative. He has a staunch record of endorsing liberty, not only in his private home, but in his business and in public service. This a leap not only of personal virtue, but of business risk, and I have faith in my community’s return.

Conversations are evolving about a possible overseas promotion this summer. I cannot hardly fathom the experience that awaits us. Sometimes men must conduct their own diplomacy. Yes, you can. Thump a stranger.

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  1. So, although we say Allah is perfect, we know that He is a jealous god who created us in His image, and the last and commandment is for us not to be jealous .

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