Well, UFC 140 turned out to be a very entertaining event with some awesome knockouts and submissions. I went 3-2 in my predictions with one loss being a huge upset and the other just a hunch I was going on. The bar where I watched the PPV was pretty packed which is usually a good sign that it’ll do well in regards to PPV buy rates. Let’s get right into my thoughts on the show in regards to the main card.

•The Jon Jones/Lyoto Machida fight was great while it lasted. I don’t get to blow my own horn much, but I have to say I called this fight exactly how it went even to the way Jones submitted Machida. The more we see of Jones the more weaknesses appear in my opinion. Machida was having great success with using his offense as the best defense. It appears that Jones doesn’t fight well going backwards, but it was a different ballgame once Jones got the takedown. I think I give Rashad Evans a slightly better chance of beating Jones than I did prior to this fight, provided he gets past Phil Davis next month.

•Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira lost the fight to Frank Mir because of his pride. He was two to three punches away from stopping Frank Mir after he had him hurt on the ground. However, instead of throwing more punches he went for a submission. There was always talk about who had the better submission game and Nogueira tried to prove a point instead of going for the win. He failed. I wasn’t impressed with Mir at all. He looked like he was already winded in the first round and Nogueira was winning the striking battle pretty easily while they were on the feet. There are rumors that Alistair Overeem could be out of the fight with Brock Lesnar in a few weeks. Mir said he would be happy to fight Lesnar then, but I think he’d get smashed the same way he did in their second matchup. Nogueira looks good and I think he still has some fight in him, but it looks like he’ll be out of action for a long time as it appears his shoulder could have been dislocated or something. That was sick.

•I thought Tito Ortiz would be able to steal the first two rounds away from Antonio Rogerio Nogueria if he had the cardio to hold up that long. However, when Nogueira defended the first takedown attempt I knew Ortiz was in trouble. I also think Ortiz knew it. Ortiz is done as a fighter, but since the he saved UFC 133 by taking a fight with Rashad Evans on short notice I think they should give him the final fight on his contract and then let him retire. Nogueira likely saved his UFC career with the win over Ortiz. He looked good tonight and it’ll be interesting to see who they match him up with going forward.

•I thought Brian Ebersole would beat Claude Patrick and he did but barely. It was a close fight and I scored it 29-28 across the board. Whichever judge scored it 30-27 for Patrick was smoking crack. It was a tough grinding type of fight, but it’s three straight wins in the UFC for Ebersole.

•Mark Hominick just got caught with a big punch while being careless and it’s as simple as that. I was impressed that Chang Sung Jung was able to get hurt him with that one punch but I was badly mistaken. I look forward to seeing both of these guys in action again.

How’d you like the fights?

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