Hey everyone I’m back for another episode blog. This episode started out with us driving to the gym and we drove that route every day and saw this older guy always standing on the side of the road and we felt really bad for him.

He clearly was homeless and Dustin Pague got the idea to make him a lunch and wrote him a letter and tried for a week or more trying to get it to the guy but never could match it up to stop the van so it wouldn’t stop traffic, so it took us a while to finally get him the food. But he got it and I’m sure he was happy eating it and very thankful to Dustin for it.

After that it showed Mayhem coming over and chilling with us, which he did quite a bit, but on this day we were all bored and were sitting by the hot tub. I don’t know how but somehow Mayhem talked Kush, our wrestling coach, into drinking 8 oz. of the hot tub water  for $100.

Apparently that wasn’t enough entertainment so he wanted someone to eat bugs, and Pague said he would eat a cockroach and a few other bugs for $60 which was awesome cause let’s face it, there’s nothing better to do in that house.

For the coaches challenge we went to the Palms where Bisping and Mayhem played air hockey. Mayhem knew it was air hockey before we even got there and was telling us how good he was at it and how he was going to smash Bisping so he got us all pumped up and excited thinking that $1500 was ours.

But once the game started clearly Mayhem was horrible and I just got more frustrated every time Mayhem got scored on and it was clear early that we were not going to win the coaches challenge. But to watch Bisping fall getting off the air hockey table almost made it worth losing….but not quite.

The first bantamweight semifinals match up was T.J. Dillashaw vs. Dustin Pague. I figured T.J. was going to use his wrestling to make it a boring fight and stop Dustin. I did think Dustin was going to be able to at least get up early because he is athletic, but T.J. was just too dominant and earned his way to the finals and will be tough to beat for sure.

I want to give thanks to MMAHQ (www.mmahq.com) for all the gear they have sent me and everyone who has kept up with my weekly blog.

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