The ( crew weighs in with their thoughts and predictions on Saturday’s UFC on FOX fight card headlined with UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez defending his title against no. 1 contender Junior Dos Santos. — Take a look at our staff picks on each of the fights below, let us know who is on the money and who is off their rocker. And feel free to share your own picks as well.

Cain Velasquez (9-0) vs. Junior Dos Santos (13-1)

ODDS: Velasquez 170, Dos Santos +140

RICHARD MANN: People seem to think that beating Shane Carwin has answered all of Dos Santos’ wrestling questions. He did stuff all of Carwin’s takedowns, but then again Carwin has never been a dominant wrestler in MMA. The stand up portion of this fight will be interesting. Both fighters have shown that they have great offensive skills, but can get hit themselves. In the end, Velasquez’s wrestling game will give him a few rounds and the edge. Velasquez by decision.

GARY THOMAS: Cain Velasquez is in for the most dangerous fight of his career. He will have to be prepared for the striking abilities of JDS. If he can manage the fight standing he is in position for a victory. Dos Santos will have to throw everything he has at Cain. Cain Velasquez win this fight though.

BRIAN FURBY: Cain Velasquez.

KELVIN HUNT:  I think Velasquez is slightly more well rounded…as long as the long layoff isn’t a huge factor on his timing…I think he begins to wear on JDS and finishes him in the 3rd or 4th round via TKO.

JOSH CROSS: There has been much debate about which one of these two fighters has the better standup. You could make a good case for either one, but the deciding factor I think is just how fully healed and able the champ is following his rotator cuff surgery. I think because of that I personally think Dos Santos has the advantage in this fight on the feet. On the ground, it will be interesting to see how Dos Santos does against someone like Velasquez. This is a great and close matchup and I think that’s what in part makes this fight so exciting. I started off thinking Velasquez would win this bout, but the more I think about it the more I think we’ll have a new champion at the end of the night. It all depends on how healthy and recovered Velasquez is from his injury, and that’s something we won’t know for sure until the bell rings. Pick: Dos Santos via TKO.

JACK BRATCHER: Rumors of an injury during Cain’s training camp, along with the fact he came in a little heavy and looking a bit soft lead me to believe he is not at 100%. Up until today I was pretty confident that Cain would take this fight due to his wrestling and cardio edge. However, I’m doubting that his cardio is at 100% to give him much of an advantage and no one has been able to put Junior down yet. If Cain utilized leg kicks and mixed his striking up a lot, that could be an advantage but I don’t think he wants to stand and  box with Junior due to the reach advantage Junior has. I’m kind of feeling Josh on this one, I think we’re going to have a new champ Saturday night. Dos Santos via TKO.

Clay Guida (29-11) vs. Ben Henderson (14-2)

ODDS: Guida +220, Henderson -300

RICHARD MANN: Rarely are fights in the UFC as evenly matched as this one. I lean toward Henderson, because he is coming off back-to-back wins over solid grapplers. Guida will bounce back and forth on the feet without landing anything. If he can get takedowns, he will win the fight. However, Henderson has shown that he can deal with that kind of the fighter. Henderson by decision.

GARY THOMAS: Both of these men deserve a crack at Frankie Edgar but we all know the lightweight division is stacked. Clay Guida is built to go the distance and Ben Henderson is as tough as they come. I see Henderson winning via decision.

BRIAN FURBY: Clay Guida.

KELVIN HUNT: Henderson via whatever he wants.

JOSH CROSS: I would say that I’m pretty much just as much excited to see this fight as I am for the main event. Both fighters are tough, and they’re going to need to be to win this fight. I think the winner is going to be decided on the ground, and I have to give the advantage to Henderson there. I don’t see Henderson submitting, but I can’t say the same for Guida. Pick: Henderson via Submission.

JACK BRATCHER: Guida is the type of kat that rises to the occasion. People say Henderson has a similar style as Guida, but nobody out-Guidas Clay Guida. His domination of Anthony Pettis was very impressive, and Pettis beat Henderson, so doesn’t that mean he should beat Henderson? MMA match is always exact, right? I’m being sarcastic of course. But in this case I think Guida’s improved stand-up and his experience are going to be the deciding factors. This is still Guida’s house and he’s not giving it up to a WEC guy unless they pry it from his cold dead fingers. I see Guida landing something big, hurting Henderson and choking him out. Guida via submission (or decision).

Dustin Poirier (10-1) vs. Pablo Garza (11-1)

ODDS: Dustin Poirier -300, Garza +220

RICHARD MANN: I don’t think many people imagined back-to-back shocking finishes after Garza got worked by Tie Quan Zhang in his WEC debut. However, that is what happened. Poirier will be the better fighter on the feet, but Garza has the ability to finish the fight anywhere. Poirier by TKO.

GARY THOMAS: The winner of this fight is poised for bigger things in the featherweight Division. Garza’s flying triangle was amazing but Poirier is on a three fight win streak. A good fight none the less but I see Garza submitting Dustin.

BRIAN FURBY: Dustin Poirier.

KELVIN HUNT: Poirier via decision.

JOSH CROSS: Pablo Garza proved in his win over Yves Jabouin that he can pull off a submission in the blink of an eye. Poirier is going to have to be mindful of that fact, and I’m sure he will be. I think Poirier will be able to control the fight on the feet, and he will be cautious about going to the ground with Garza. It wouldn’t surprise me if Garza pulled off another impressive submission win, but I don’t think the odds are in his favor. Pick: Poirier via TKO.

JACK BRATCHER: Poirier seems to be a bit more-well rounded as Garza seems more comfortable on the ground. Poirier should take it via TKO in the second or third.

Cub Swanson (15-4) vs. Ricardo Lamas (10-2)

ODDS: Swanson +110, Lamas -140

RICHARD MANN: Lamas has been pretty impressive during his Zuffa career. For the most part he is an effective and persistent wrestler. Swanson has never had the best wrestling game, but he is game in all phases of the fight game. Look for Lamas to dominate with takedowns and avoid a few scares from Swanson. Lamas by decision.

GARY THOMAS: A lot of decisions on the resumes of Swanson and Lamas. Swanson making his UFC debut will have to watch out for the striking of Lamas. Lamas will have to get a good start if he wants to finish Swanson. Swanson by decision.

BRIAN FURBY: Ricardo Lamas.

KELVIN HUNT: Lamas via decision.

JOSH CROSS: When Swanson steps into the cage it will have been 366 days since his last fight. I think ring rust is something that Swanson will have to deal with, but I don’t see it being a major role in the outcome of this fight. I think Swanson will be able to score some takedowns and out strike Lamas earning him the decision victory. Pick: Swanson via Decision.

JACK BRATCHER: I still can’t get over Swanson’s loss to Jens Pulver in the WEC. Lamas already has his first UFC win under his belt and this is Cub’s debut. Lamas should win this via decision.

DaMarques Johnson (12-9) vs. Clay Harvison (9-3)

ODDS: Johnson -280, Harvison +210

RICHARD MANN: Fights like this do not always warrant technical analysis. I am going with Johnson, because the older TUF gets, the less likely it is that non-winners will stick around in the UFC. Johnson by decision.

GARY THOMAS: Demarques Johnson over Clay Harvison in the welterweight bout. Its strange seeing them as the biggest men on the undercard.

BRIAN FURBY: DaMarques Johnson.

KELVIN HUNT: I’m go with Johnson via submission.

JOSH CROSS: This should be a fun fight to watch with both guys known for finishing fights. I think Johnson will look to take the fight to the ground where Harvison has had trouble in the past. As long as Johnson can do that I think he will be able to finish this fight. Pick: Johnson via Submission.

JACK BRATCHER: Clay has got a really good team around him at PIT Elevated with McGee, Nijem, Hackleman and the rest. However, Johnson has several fights in the Octagon and has some quality wins. His submission win over “Joker” Guymon and his TKO of Brad Blackburn shows his well-rounded abilities. I don’t think Clay is ready for him. It is interesting to note Johnson has a loss to Clay’s training partner, Court McGee, but that was about 4 years ago. Johnson wins this one via submission.

Norifumi Yamamoto (18-4, 1 NC) vs. Darren Uyenoyama (6-3)

ODDS: Yamamoto -400, Uyenoyama +300

RICHARD MANN: With his level of talent, “Kid” should have very little trouble with a fighter like Uyenoyama. However, the story remains the same for the guy they call “son of the fighting god.” He mostly trains with his students and has a real top dog mentality. He should be good enough to keep this fight on the feet and get the better of the striking. Then again, I could have written that for several of his last few fights… Yamamoto by decision.

GARY THOMAS: Yamamoto’s experience will lead him to a decision victory over Uyenoyama.

BRIAN FURBY: Kid Yamamoto.

KELVIN HUNT: I’m go with Yamamoto to finally get a UFC win.

JOSH CROSS: Both of these fighters are tough it wouldn’t surprise me at all of this fight went to a decision. I think Yamamoto has the best chance to win if the fight is mostly standing, whereas I think Uyenoyama has the best chance to win if the fight goes to the ground. With Yamamoto having more experience and this being Uyenoyama’s first fight in the UFC, I’m going to have to pick the veteran to win. Pick: Yamamoto via Decision.

JACK BRATCHER: Although they have both been around the game for a long time, Yamamoto has a lot more actual fight experience. His striking is much superior to Uyenoyama and Yamamoto should be able to pick up his first UFC win here as long as he stays off the ground.  Kid Yamamoto via TKO.

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