Now that the semifinals are all set, the team concept has pretty much fallen apart at the house as the guys separate into distinct groups with time winding down on the season.

Bryan Caraway is definitely not a part of Akira Corassani’s group, but he is a part of one of Akira’s plans for the next prank. Armed with clippers, Akira makes his way into Bryan’s room and shaves off part of his hair before running away laughing hysterically. Bryan is far from amused and confronts Akira outside, but unfortunately these two aren’t matched up in the semifinals, so their confrontation– if it happens– will have to wait.

Knowing that a prank is coming, Coach Miller decides to ride a bike into the training center after being tipped off that his car would be in danger of a Tiki Ghosn prank. Coach Bisping and Tiki have other plans as they show up at the training center, unleashing a steady stream of fire extinguisher gas inside the Team Miller locker room. Just as smoke fills the entire center, a mariachi band shows up playing music. A mariachi band?

“Mayhem” may have gotten a laugh from the prank, but with a semifinal fight coming up, Johnny Bedford was less than amused. Johnny does get a kick out of the fact that Akira is joking around while Dennis is focused on taking him out.

“There’s a lot of pranks going on but I came here with a mission,” Dennis said. “That mission is not complete, so I will not rest or enjoy my time in mischief until I win this thing.”

Coach Bisping knows that Akira will have a wrestling disadvantage against Dennis, so the entire training session is about him getting off of his back.

Marcus explains that without internet or TV, something has got to give. He decides to give the gift that keeps on giving to his own coach, putting a sweaty jockstrap on the face and mouth of Coach Bisping. Marcus runs off, leaving Akira behind to pay for the prank as Coach Bisping returns the favor giving Akira a taste also.

Later in the evening, Coach Bisping appears at the house and calls a team meeting outside. Bisping and Tiki unleash the ultimate party favor on Marcus and Akira, covering them with multiple cans of silly string.

The next day, Dennis finds all of the hand-drawn signs that Akira posted throughout the house to insult his intelligence, but insists that he will be drawing his own pictures for Akira with his fists once they get inside the cage.

Akira breaks out in song at the house with a little diddy about taking Dennis out. Dennis smiles during the song, and comments that if he fought as well as he talks — and sings– that he should win the whole show.

Coach Bisping gets back to his verbal jabs after both guys make weight, but so far “Mayhem” has kept his cool during Bisping’s rants.

“I respect Michael Bisping, he’s a seasoned fighter,” Miller said. “That being said, I really respect my father, and that never stopped me from whipping his ass.”

It’s time for the first semifinal bout of the season!

Featherweight Semifinal Bout – Team Miller’s Dennis Bermudez vs. Team Bisping’s Akira Corassani

Round 1 – After a few moments of feeling each other out, Dennis steps in range and gets caught with a left hook that rocks him. He shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. Dennis throws a kick and eats a right hand. He shoots from way outside and gets stuffed again. His corner is telling him to set up the takedown. Dennis closes and clinches after an exchange and puts Akira on the cage. Akira turns him into the cage and they exchange knees after breaking. Dennis is staying way outside, respecting the stand up and power of Akira. He gets the clinch and lands a knee inside and then a right hand. Akira lands a combo and again Dennis shoots from way outside. Akira lands a big right hand again and now both guys are swinging for the fences. Dennis tries another kick, but again eats another counter right hand from Akira. His corner is yelling for Dennis to stop kicking and to only punch. Akira uncorks a left hook that drops Dennis. Dennis has looked close to being finished from several of Akira’s big punches but he has recovered very quickly so far. Akira moves in but Dennis takes his leg and puts him on the cage looking for a takedown. Dennis secures a high-crotch, elevates Akira, and slams him. Akira turns into Dennis and looks to grab a leg but gets put against the cage with Dennis on top and on his neck. Dennis is going for the guillotine and it looks tight. A near tap from Akira but he’s hanging in there. Dennis adjusts his grip and now it’s really tight. Akira waves his arm, then taps.

Dennis Bermudez def. Akira Corassani via submission (guillotine) Rd 1.

It didn’t appear that Akira actually went out from the choke, but actually he did. After the fight Akira wakes up and regains his senses only to be told that he lost the fight by guillotine. He’s clearly upset as he hugs Coach Bisping, and it takes a few moments for the cobwebs to clear before he can come to grips with the outcome.

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