Renzo Gracie Denville Launches Program To Combat Bullying Epidemic

Renzo Gracie Denville Launches Program To Combat Bullying Epidemic

As bullying continues to become a nationwide epidemic amongst kids and young adults, parents are constantly looking for solutions to combat the growing problem.

To be proactive in the fight to end bullying, Real World MMA in Denville has recently launched a program specifically geared towards helping increase awareness on bullying and to prepare kids if they find themselves in a bullied situation.

“Bullying has gotten out of control; you see it every day in schools across the country,” said George Sernack, chief instructor and owner of Real World MMA.  “We started this program a few months ago but are really starting to push it now.  It entails a curriculum for kids on how to address bullying situations if they find themselves in one.”

Sernack added, “Many kids who are getting bullied are scared to come forward because of the accumulation of the abuse.  It is important for kids to understand and be prepared for the situation so if they find themselves in it they can handle it.”

Real World MMA wants to educate kids on the right way to talk and deal with bullies to stop the incident from happening again.  They are adamant about having a script for the kids to ensure it goes the right way.  

“We teach out kids to talk, tell and then tackle,” said Sernack.  “It is a nonviolent approach.  At first we tell our kids to talk to the bully; if that doesn’t work, then to tell someone about the situation; lastly, and if the bullying persists, to subdue the bully.  The fact of the matter is that we want to stop it before it escalates into something bad.”

The goal of Real World MMA’s bullying program is to stop the bullying behavior in students and more importantly educate them about the situation. 

“Parents are telling kids what to do and what not to do, but we want to show them an alternative about what we can do,” said. Sernack.  “We tell kids that if they are confronted by a bully to ask ‘if you are challenging me to a fight, I am not afraid of you and if that’s what you want, then I will fight you.’  Nine times out of 10 the bully will back out.”

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