I’m back for episode six’s blog and this week is my fight. On this week’s episode they continued talking about last week’s tap by Akira [Corassani] and the disrespectful actions after the fight that started some drama where Bisping got water thrown at him and continued with coach Parsons and Bisping getting into it.

“Super” Steven Siler vs Diego Brandao
The episode then goes to me training and getting prepared for my match up with Diego [Brandao]. “Mayhem” talks about me thinking I have something to prove, but in reality I didn’t care who I fought. Everyone else on my team was scared to fight him [Diego] and was avoiding him so I stepped up because I was in the house to fight no matter who it was against.

The fight was very short, unfortunately. Diego came out aggressive and I wanted to keep my distance and hoped he’d gas out with him throwing everything he had in all his punches. He threw an overhand right that caught me on the temple and dazed me then came in with a flying knee and a left uppercut that caught me on the chin and I went out. It was an unfortunate event but the kid has power.

After the fight we see T.J. Dillashaw and “Prince” Albert deciding on who was fighting next and both wanted to fight Rolly [Roland Delorme] and then showing the foot infection that Rolly had which looked disgusting and lasted for a little over a week where he couldn’t really train as much as he normally could.

Next we see Bisping’s little speech where it got under my skin a little bit because I do feel most of the drama was caused by his team and he pointed the blame on us. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Bisping was actually a better guy than he appeared, but at the time I wanted to punch him in the face.

John “Prince” Albert vs John Dodson
We were very confident Dodson was winning this fight. He was a talented guy standing and a solid BJJ guy and “Prince” was still pretty raw in the sport. The fight was a lot of standing and Dodson was landing the cleaner strikes to take it two rounds to none and he was able to move on to the semifinals.

So far Team Mayhem is up 5-2 with one fight left being T.J. vs. Rolly.

I want to give a thanks to MMAHQ.com for the gear they have supplied to help me train, everyone who has been reading my blog and prommanow.com for giving me an opportunity to write what I saw went on in  the TUF house.

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  1. Thank you for doing this. Love the show and sorry you lost because you looked great against Micah. Having said that, It sure would be nice to hear your thoughts and emotions about your fight and other things going on as opposed to just a straight recap of what happened. There’s plenty of recaps out there but there’s only one “Super” Siler. Thanks SS!

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