This last week I have been training as always. We are really liking it here in Montana. The leaves are changing colors and starting to fall.  It’s slowly getting colder, so glad we got a nice little place here. This week I want to share with you, my sweet sponsors, telling you about the products/services they provide.

NutraBio, which is my supplement sponsor,  has a huge variety of supplements.  Powder or capsule, which flavor do I chose?   Yes, these will be some of your options throughout their website, where they give full product descriptions that even the “average joe” can understand, including flavors, nutritional facts, servings and flavors for each individual supplement.

Pharmaceutical grade at wholesale prices! I use their products daily, just started, but I will be posting regular results and feedback.  Check out their Facebook Page as well as their website (!! Let them know I sent you!

Damage Control Mouthguards has been with me for 1 ½ years now, keeping my teeth in my skull and a smile on my face.  There are different options to choose from, all custom fit and varying in price ranges.

It’s really easy to do, first, go to their website, pick out what you want, order it and let them know I sent you.  You will get a package where you take an impression mold of your mouth, everything is included, even instructions!  Send it back then a week or so later you get your own custom fit mouth guard in your mailbox.

I do have to say, my teeth are still perfect and I havent been rocked since my “boil and bite” days.  Thanks Delano!  Check out their Face book page Facebook Page and their website ( today!

Super Body Care is my hygiene sponsor, keeping me funk free and tingly fresh.  Super Body Care is the GREEN alternative to antibacterial, by harnessing the powerful plant oils of peppermint, rosemary, tea tree and lavender.  They also have a little saying, “no dead dinosaurs” which means Super Body Care products are made with no petroleum products and no mineral oil.

Want a wide variety of products to choose from?  This is the place to find shower gel/hand wash, lip balm, body lotion, wipes, 2 sizes of bar soap with loofah bits, gym bag/locker deodorizers and body spray.  I use every one of these products daily, they are wonderful.

It makes my skin feel refreshed and clean as well as tingly.  I don’t use the body spray just for my body, I use it on my equipment sometimes and Jason cleans my training mask with it every time I use it, so practically everyday.

Stay posted for a cool how to video about the Super Body Care body spray sanitizing my sweaty training mask after a good workout.  Check out their Facebook Page and their website (  Let them know I sent you their way too.

Octane Addictions is a cool company working to promote extreme sports, they put on exciting events!  OA Graphics is part of them as well.  Our friend Tyler owns these business’ locally, here in Billings and sees my potential and likes my husbands good sense of marketing.

Did you like my banner?  I’m sure you do because it Rocks! Thanks to Willy at OA Graphics for the great job!  Check them out on Face book Facebook or at their website (!!

Failures No Option is a brand and a way of life.  The motto is to remind everyone of a positive mindset that failure is not an option.  These guys made my rash guard and walk out shirts! Thanks Dorian!  Don’t forget to check out their new website ( and their Facebook Page!

Level Terrain Apparel is a women’s line of MMA and athletic wear.  Specializing in Vale Tudo shorts and matching sports bras, sold separately.  Do you like the camo or zebra print Vale Tudo shorts I train and fight in?

I have fought my last two fights in Level shorts, and I train in the shorts and bras almost every day, they are very comfortable.  You will find those and more on their website ( and check out their Facebook Fan Page too!!  Thanks Mia!

Since you are here on this site,, then you know it’s the best place for the coolest MMA news out there!!  Don’t forget to go like their Facebook Fan Page too!

Right below I have included my pre fight interview, my fight and post fight interview for your enjoyment.  Don’t forget to like this and share it when you are done.  Thanks!!

You can follow me on my website at, twitter @LilPatriciaMMA, here at, or on my Facebook Fan Page.

I want to thank Jack for letting me share cool stuff with all of you each week.  I want to thank my coach, manager, and husband Jason, for everything, and Mark, our boy, we make a great team.  Thanks to all of my family, friends, fans and supporters for all of your continued support and love.  I greatly appreciate it!

Little Patricia

Check out “Little” Patricia’s fight with Chelsea Colarelli that took place Oct. 1 at “Blackeye Promotions 5: Breast Cancer Beatdown” at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center in Fletcher, N.C. The video also shows pre-fight and post-fight interviews with “Little” Patricia (Fight starts at 2:00 mark).

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward becoming the top 110 and 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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