Hey everybody I’m back with my blog for the 2nd episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 14, this episode started out with us entering the house and checking it out and also having a little BBQ, which trust me, I was blessed with some chefs in that house, especially since I personally didn’t know how to cook at the time.

The house was filled with food at all times and with it being the only thing to do most of us would eat and probably got a little bigger then we should of.

The house itself was amazing; we had an awesome pool table, a Hookah, and a great pool and hot tub, but like Louis says, the house did get small really quick and I knew getting privacy would be difficult.

Fight picks
After the house it goes to Team Bisping and  Team Mayhem both ranking what they thought who was the best and who was the worst.

They first went bantamweights then featherweights, as you see I was the last pick overall which shocked me because I felt I just fought the toughest guy to get in the house and I finished him.

I also had my teammates come up to me and express how shocked they were how I was last picked and how they were happy I was on the team so they wouldn’t have to fight me.

Even though I was last pick I was happy with the team and felt that with the guys on Team Mayhem I would get great training and help me be prepared for when I got a chance to fight again.

First team practices
After fight picks it goes straight into team practices where Team Mayhem got the first practice. It shows some great technique that Mayhem was going over and just the light technique we were all going over.

It then goes to me getting a bloody nose, which I actually got a bloody nose every day for the first two weeks. I even got one while warming up for my fight to get into the house, which I’m pretty sure it was just me getting used to the Vegas weather.

So at practice the first day we ended up having to put cotton up my nose and tape around my head to make sure it stayed in, which made me look ridiculous, but hey at least I got to finish the practice.

After team Mayhem’s practice we all put the tires into Team Bisping’s locker room for a little prank.

Fight pick and fight
After the practices it goes to fight picks where we selected Bryan Caraway vs Marcus Brimage. We felt Marcus was new and was worried about his weight and wasn’t as skilled on the ground as Caraway, plus Bryan was a head case and instead of waiting for his turn he wanted to get it out of the way.

At the weigh-ins both fighters made weight and at the square off Team Bisping sang their little song which even got my blood flowing so I could imagine what it did to Bryan.

The first round of the fight Caraway got an early takedown and showed his ground experience controlling the cage and eventually working to Marcus’ back where he continued to try for the rear-naked choke and Marcus just kept trying to punch Bryan.

The second round was more interesting where it looked like Caraway was gassing out and Marcus came out a little more aggressive. Bryan got his back early but Marcus got up quickly and landed some good punches and landed a great knee.

Eventually though, Bryan landed a good knee from the clinch then took Marcus’ back and finished with a rear naked choke which means Team Mayhem keeps control for the next fight.

I wanna give a quick thanks to my sponsor MMAHQ (www.mmahq.com)  for supplying me with the gear I need to continue training and helping me train so I can become the best fighter I can be.

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