On Sept. 17, 24-year-old Victor Ortiz will put his WBC welterweight title on the line when he faces 34-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

If you haven’t been watching HBO’s Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7 series, you should. The show details each fighter’s life and training camp leading up to their Sept. 17 bout.

In the age of reality TV, rarely has a show produced more drama and realness in a sixty-minute slot.

From the story of Ortiz’s childhood and being abandoned by his parents at an early age to the dynamic between Mayweather senior and junior and uncle Roger acting as head coach, you really get to know who these fighters are.

“Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7” airs each Saturday night at 10 p.m. on HBO from now until the fight on Sept. 17.

Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7 episode 1

Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7 episode 2 (Megavideo: click play then come back)

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