Nate Marquardt was supposed to make his debut at 170-pounds in the UFC on June 26. Photo by

This whole Nate Marquardt situation continues to perplex the MMA world. Because of certain privacy laws in Pennsylvania, the athletic commission is not allowed to reveal publicly why Marquardt failed his pre-fight medical exam.

UFC President Dana White said Nate needs to “man up” and tell his fans and the MMA community what is going on. If nothing else, it would seem the people who bought tickets to the event expecting to see Marquardt, deserve some type of explanation.

For the most part Marquardti has remained silent on the subject, only to say he’s sorry. He did make a post on his Twitter account Sunday evening saying he will be “addressing all issues regarding his medicals, etc. this Tuesday”.

Sunday’s fight was going to be Marquardt’s welterweight debut in the UFC. Many people were speculating the failed medicals had something to do with his weight, however, the first video below seems to indicate he was not having any issues with weight.

Video two shows Greg Sirb, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission, addressing the situation on the Versus UFC Live 4 preview show, and video three shows Dana White, also on the preview show, discussing the issue and explaining why he no longer wants Marquardt fighting in the UFC .

Nate Marquardt prior to UFC Live 4 weigh-ins:

Pennsylvania Athletic Commission Executive Director Greg Sirb regarding Nate Marquardt’s indefinite suspension:

Dana White on the Nate Marquardt situation:

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