At 52-years-old has age finally caught up to Dan "The Beast" Severn? Photo by Dave Mandel for Sherdog

Continuing with our theme of “Video Sunday” is this fight between MMA pioneer Dan “The Beast” Severn (99-18-7) and Lee “The Beast” Beane (8-2) that took place at “The Beast Comes East” on Friday, May 20, at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass.

Severn, now 52-years-old (turns 53 June 8), was looking for his 100th professional mixed martial arts victory. He was looking for it last month as well, but ended up suffering a third round TKO loss to Ryan Fortin at King of the Cage on April 29.

No doubt about it, Severn has had an incredible run in this sport. No, he’s not still fighting the top guys, but the guy is freakin’ 52-years-old and has been fighting consistently, multiple times a year, since 1994!!

People talk a lot about what Randy Couture has done in his career, and it has been amazing, but we should never forget what Dan Severn has also done and continues to do. Unfortunately for him though, this was not his night and that 100th win continues to elude him.

This is the first time in Severn’s career he has suffered back to back knockouts. Has age finally caught up to “The Beast” or should he keep at it, at least until he gets that final victory?

3 thoughts on “Fight Video: Looking for 100th win 52-year-old Dan Severn suffers brutal knockout”
  1. Retire!! Please. Dan Severn’s only tool seemed to be slow jabs. He looked slow and out of shape. If he continues to fight then he’s going to get seriously injured.

    P.S. Great job by the ref. Severn is clearly knocked out and the ref watches from afar until the opponent himself looks at the ref as to say “WTF!?” after a few more punches.

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