A lot of people gave Mark Hominick a chance to upset the Jose Aldo at UFC 129 even though the oddsmakers didn’t see it that way.

 The oddsmakers were right.

Aldo was the aggressor early on mixing up lead uppercuts and legkicks against Hominick. Aldo seemed like the quicker more powerful fighter as well. Aldo took Hominick down fairly easily where Hominick threatened with an armbar, but Aldo powered out of it and delivered ground and pound. Aldo worked from Hominick’s full guard with short elbows against the cage with Hominick trying to use wrist control.

Hominick opened up as the aggressor in the second round landing a couple of body shots while stuffing Aldo’s takedowns. However,  Aldo was successful with a takedown about halfway through the round. Aldo was successful with short elbows as he was in the first round and that was the story of the second round. Aldo was able to get Hominick to the ground and inflict damage.

Rounds three and four saw Aldo dropped Hominick with right hands, but Hominick was a gamer and survived the knockdowns but was punished with ground and pound. Hominick developed a huge knot on his temple area as a result of a Aldo elbow after the knockdowns.

The final round saw the doctor give Hominick the ‘ok’ to fight prior to the beginning of the round. Hominick ate an uppercut but was able to take Aldo down and pass to halfguard. Hominick with some good ground and pound from the top position as Aldo tries to play wrist control. Hominick with some very hard shots t the head of Aldo. Aldo was exhausted it appears. Hominick displayed the heart of a champion after absorbing so much punishment in the first four rounds.

However, it wasn’t enough as Aldo won the fight unanimously on the judges scorecards.

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