The main event of UFC 129 featuring welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and challenger Jake Shields had a lot to live up to following the co-main event.

The fight began with both guys looking to establish their jabs. Shields caught an early St-Pierre kick and tried for the takedown but St-Pierre defended well. Shields was throwing a lot of kicks with St-Pierre looking for spinning back kicks and overhand rights. St-Pierre landed several overhand rights and jabs after the halfway mark of the first round with Shields having little to offer back besides a jab.

The second round began with more of the same, but Shields landing a body kick. St-Pierre answered with a couple of leg kicks and a jab. St-Pierre wobbled Shields with an overhand right around the 3 minute mark of the second. He tagged him with it again at the 2:40 mark. Shields was flicking his jab and leg kicks out there, but didn’t seemed committed to really throwing them and St-Pierre kept pumping the jab in his face. Shields had a couple of opportunities to take St-Pierre down but St-Pierre was having none of it.

The third round started and Shields came out pretty aggressive but ate a couple of jabs for his effort. Shields was still pumping the jab and leg kicks with little effectiveness. St-Pierre wobbled him again at the 3:40 mark with a big overhand right. Shields initiated a clinch but St-Pierre just shrugged him off. St-Pierre with more jabs and overhand rights. Shields landed a body kick and charged forward but St-Pierre evaded nicely. St-Pierre gota takedown with twenty seconds left in the round landing in halfguard.

The fourth round began and St-Pierre got a takedown twenty seconds into the round but let Shields back up to avoid Shields ground game. St-Pierre was dominating Shields on the feet, and Shields didn’t seem to have a sense of urgency that he was behind on the scorecards. St-Pierre dropped Shields with a headkick at the 2:40 mark. Shields tried to grab a single leg takedown, but St-Pierre stuffed it nicely. Shields beganto taunt the champion with 1:30 left in the round. St-Pierre was bleeding from the bridge of his nose and had some swelling under his left eye. St-Pierre snapped a jab off as the bell rang to end the round.

The final round began and Shields again taunted the champion while trying to push the pace of the fight. Shields was pumping the jab and ate a big overhand right at the 3:50 mark. Shields charged forward with punches and ate a counter right hand ten seconds later. Shields landed a nice right hand at the 2:05 mark and a stiff jab at the 1:52 mark, but St-Pierre answered with a jab of his own.

Shields still failed to go all out in the final round even though he was behind on the judges scorecards. St-Pierre retained the title with a unanimous decision.

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