Escovedo (top) comes flying in to finish off Maeda after dropping him with a head kick at DREAM 13 (photo by

In episode two, the Outsider upgraded to some decent technology. With episode three we bring you our first guest, DREAM veteran, former WEC and Tachi Palace champion and top bantamweight prospect Cole Escovedo.

MMA Outsider episode 3

(Author’s note: We had some techincal difficulties we had to edit out so the first question is muffled, but basically we asked whether Cole’s perspective on his fighting career has changed since his staph infection/injury. Think of it as a few less seconds of having to hear my annoying voice.)

He’s fought some of the best mixed martial artists around and holds notable wins over UFC bantamweight Michael McDonald and former WEC title challenger Yoshiro Maeda. In his spare time, he also rescues kittens from trees (true story!) and acts in a web show called Border Guardians of Ackernon that may get the attention of a television network before too long. You can check out their facebook page here.

As you may already know, Escovedo suffered a staph infection a few years ago that left him temporarily paralyzed and required spinal surgery. Doctors thought he would have trouble ever walking again without difficulty, but Cole didn’t listen to the naysayers and revived his fighting career. He’s 6-2 in his comeback. You can get the back story here.

In our interview, we get his thoughts on trying to get to the UFC, his hopes of getting onto TUF 14, the May 6 bout vs. Tommy Vargas (7-1) at Tachi Palace Fights, and a whole heck of a lot more.

We’ll also recap Bellator 39 and discuss how Bellator’s lack of an HD signal for its broadcasts takes away from the awesomeness of Eddie Alvarez’s eyebrows.

Lastly, we owe you some special content for this week, and here it is!

Have you ever been sitting around in your cubicle at work, bored out of your mind and wondering how you could get some exercise and scare the crap out of your coworkers at the same time? Look no further than this awesome DVD set of boxing drills you can do from the comfort of a chair. You can also try Chair Yoga, Chair Aerobics, and several other routines that should’ve never been invented in the first place.

If you do these exercises in your cubicle, make sure to take a video and get a reaction from those seated around you. Then send it to [email protected] for us to laugh at. Bonus points if you mix in some sprawls (while seated; no cheating), leg kicks, and knees.

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