According to a post on Cheick Kongo‘s Facebook account on Thursday, the big guy said he would be crossing over to Strikeforce to take on Gegard Mousasi April 9 in San Diego (translated from French):

“I have just accepted to replace Mike Kyle injured his hand and Gegard Mousasi will fight in next light heavyweight April 9, in less than 10 days. This will be the first exchange-UFC Strikeforce. Ps: I am still scheduled for June 26 Pat Barry, I went into my class after this fight won, wish me luck.”

If this fight were to actually take place, it would be the first time there has been any sort of fighter sharing between the UFC and Strikeforce since Zuffa purchased the organization last month.

The idea actually is not half bad — of course, it’s very doubtful Kongo could ever make light heavyweight. But it doesn’t matter anyway because after an hour or two of MMA pandemonium on message boards and Twitter, Kongo’s people emailed us saying it was just an APRIL FOOL’S JOKE!

Here is the post today on Kongo’s Facebook (translated from French):

Happy April Fool’s Day, Guys! April Fool’s joke guys!! Of course I Mousasi did not fight! I am a heavyweight and I left. Next fight Barry cons in the UFC is Versus 4 June 26, 2011! Next Fight: UFC is Versus 4, on June 26th, 2011!!

I had no idea they even had April Fool’s in France.

Real funny Kongo… real funny.

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