Former "World's Strongest Man" winner turned MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski has re-signed with the KSW promotion.

By contributor Pawel Sawicki

KSW middlweight champion Krzysztof ‘Model’ Kulak has been forced to withdraw from his KSW 15 bout against Michal Materla on March 19 in Warsaw, Poland to undergo back surgery.

Kulak suffered the injury awhile ago during this camp, but it recently began to bother him during training.

The Kulak vs. Materla bout has been reschulded for KSW 16 in May.

In other KSW news, former 5-time World’s Stongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski will appear at KSW 16 and has agreed to a new contract with the promotion. Pudzianowski is 3-1 in his MMA career. After winning his first two fights, he lost by second round submission to former UFC champion Tim Sylvia, but rebounded with a win over Eric “Butterbean” Esch at KSW 14.

Pawel covers MMA for top Polish site MMANEWS.PL

14 thoughts on “KSW news: Maruisz Pudzianowski re-signs, Krzysztof Kulak off of KSW 15 card w/ injury”
  1. Pudzian is back!!! Finally!!!! I don’t know where he trains, but probably in his own house with unknown sparingpartners.

    In the past he trained under Mirek Okninski, BJJ black belty under Maruio ‘Sukata’ Neto, my master and occasionally Wolfslair academy fighter

  2. Pawel: Do you know if he is still in the process of dropping some weight. I remember reading for his last fight that he let go of a good amount of muscle (which for him wasn’t that much).

  3. @Richard

    Damian dosn’t think about fight Pudzian becouse he is aiming in USA return. He says that he wanted to return to Bellator and needed to improves his wrestling.

    Pudzian is nice piece of sit and he would be smashed by Damian in the very first round.

    There is one freak in Poland: Kamilo Bazelak :D He says that he had verbaly fight with Mariusz, but Pudzian used his bodyguards. Now Bazelak is talking all around about Pudzian fight. He is former strongman too, but has better martial arts skills. He is wrestle for one Polish pro wrestling organization, but I forgot which one.

    Cheers from Poland

  4. And one more.

    KSW has contract like UFC. Their fighters can’t fight for others Polish organizations and in case of that (in result) some Polish MMA stars like Maciej Polok (BJJ ace, black belt), Marcin Held (BJJ blacjk belt, Bellator fighter, 18 years old), Lukasz Sajewski (awsome guy with good wrestling, BJJ and boxing), Damian Grabowski, Michal Kita (M-1 vet) Tomasz Drwal (UFC vet) and Pawel nastula (Pride vet, judo Olympic champ) will bnot fight on KSW event.

    Sorry for my English guys.

  5. @Pawel

    Your English is very good.

    I only brought up Grabowski, because he is probably the best Polish heavyweight. Yet, Pudzian gets all the attention because he used to lift big rocks. I wonder if that frustrates him.

    Thanks for all the information. I am fascinated by KSW and the Polish scene in general.

  6. Of course it makes him agry, but Damian is very cool guy and as You wrote earlier, he is the best Polish HW now.

    Pudzianowski makes angry whole MMA scene in Poland, but who cares??? Before his MA debut KSW events watched 200 000 people in cabel TV, his fights watch over 6 000 000 people in primetime on Polandwide TV channel. He is the best what could happen in Polish MMA scene.

  7. @edub

    Mariusz hasn’t loose more weight. Here is his photo, when he resigns with KSW

  8. Oh well crap. Can’t see him going too far if he can’t fight for more than three minutes.

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