A boy that must certainly resemble a young Paul Buentello mounts Tom who accused him of stealing his ball(s).

It’s just another Sunday afternoon in suburban USA. The neighbors are doing some remodeling. Mr. Jones is outside washing his car, and look, there’s Betsy Simmons in those tight shorts working in her garden.

But there’s trouble brewing…

Tom found out from John that Paul stole his “ball(s)” so he confronts him. Paul is sick and doesn’t want to fight but he’s no wuss either so he won’t be intimidated… tensions flare and before long fists start flying.

The psychology of these two teenage boys is an interesting study; the aggression, the smack talk, the homosexual slurs while in full mount on the front lawn as cars drive by… the eerie resemblance the dark-haired boy has to a young Paul Buentello.

And are those tattoos real?

ProMMAnow.com in no way condones street fighting. However, we do think it’s funny when two chubby youngsters with fake tattoos do their best UFC impression on the front lawn. Let’s just hope there’s a part two.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday morning street fight *VIDEO*”
  1. I would be much more comfortable knowing that kids are training in mma other than just playing video games and eating twinkies. When done under supervision, mma could teach these kids a valuable lesson in respect, dignity and honor and develop good work ethics.

    Really you never know where the next great athlete is gonna come from. Herschel Walker was a fat little kid with a speech impediment and turned out to be one of the greatest athletes in the world.

    I wish we had a video of Fabricio Werdum’s street fight over a girl where he was humiliated. That led him to train in Jiu-Jitsu for self defense and he worked his way up to defeating the greatest fighter ever. The video wasn’t really that bad. Looked competitive and neither got badly hurt. Sloppy but a fun watch for sure. Thanks for the post. These kids look like they’ll be friends real soon. That’s usually how it goes.

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