Glad you all could make it and we are excited to be starting the year off the right way — for MMA fans what could be better than to begin the first day of a new year with a stacked UFC fight card?

UFC 125: RESOLUTION” takes place this evening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. The show is headlined with a lightweight championship bout featuring Frankie “The Answer” Edgar defending his title against the only person to ever beat him, Gray “The Bully” Maynard.

The UFC 125 Pay-Per-View starts at 10 p.m. ET, but if you are fortunate enough to have the Ion television channel in your area, you will be able to catch three fights from the preliminary card live and free starting at 8:55 p.m. ET.

NOTICE: Following tonight’s pay-per-view, you can watch the UFC 125 post-fight press conference via LIVE video stream in our UFC ROOM at approximately 1:15 a.m. ET (10:15 p.m. PT).

UFC 125 quick results:

MAIN CARD (Televised on Pay-Per-View)

  • Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight to a draw (48-46, 46-48, 47-47)
  • Brian Stann def. Chris Leben by knockout (punches) Rd. 1 (3:37)
  • Thiago Silva def. Brandon Vera by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Dong Hyun Kim def. Nate Diaz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Clay Guida def. Takanori Gomi by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 2 (4:27)

PRELIMINARY CARD (Televised on Ion TV)

  • Jeremy Stephens def. Marcus Davis by knockout (punch) Rd. 3 (2:33)
  • Dustin Poirier def. Josh Grispi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Brad Tavares def. Phil Baroni via knockout (punches) Rd. 1 (4:20)


  • Diego Nunes def. Mike Brown via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Daniel Roberts def. Greg Soto via submission (kimura) Rd. 1 (3:45)
  • Jacob Volkmann def. Antonio McKee via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 125 play-by-play:

Middleweight: Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares

Round 1 – Leg kick from Tavares, heavy. Baroni takes another leg kick, lands a body shot, then takes another big leg kick that Baroni acknowledges. Baroni is taking his time, no punches thrown yet. But the first punch he throws drops Tavares, attempts a front choke, puts Tavares on his back and is on top in half guard. I believe it was a left hook that dropped Tavares. Baroni had a full 12 week camp at AKA for this fight. He sounded very well prepared. Tavares gets up and Baroni still hanging onto his neck with a front headlock. Baroni backs out and Tavares misses with a head kick. They clinch, Tavares lands a couple knees to the body. Tavares drops levels for the shot and Baroni sprawls, still holding Tavares, they stand, still clinched. Knee to the groin by Baroni stops the action. Ref warns Baroni. Leg kick from Tavares, then a head kick that stuns Baroni. Tavares follows up with big punches and it’s all over for Baroni has he grabs Josh Rosenthal’s leg for a takedown attempt. Sad to see Baroni go out like this especially after starting the fight out so good. Very sad, and could be the last time we see Baroni in the Octagon.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brad Tavares def. Phil Baroni via knockout (punches) Rd. 1 (4:20)

Featherweight: Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier

Round 1 – Leg kick from Grispi but eats a punch. Poirier with a nice front kick to the body. Inside leg kick from Poirier then a nice left. He clinches and Grispi jumps up guard, lands an elbow then puts his feet back on the ground. Knee to body from Poirier. And Grispi returns the favor with a couple of his own. Poirier grabs a Thai clinch and lands a few knees, right hand, they exchange shots and Poirier is landing some bombs. Grispi shoots, ends up on the bottom and Poirier makes him stand back up. They start exchanging. Nice front kick to the body knocks Grispi against the cage, throws another one that knocks Grispi down. Grispi stands back up and Poirier lights him up with several punches, relentless, not stopping the assault or letting Grispi breathe. Brispi shoots out of desperation and pulls guard. He  locks on a kimura though and Poirier is defending. Grispi has full guard and is focusing on that kimura with both hands. Poirier gets out of it before the bell. I score the round for Poirier 10-9.

Round 2 – Knee to the body from Poirier as Grispi shoots a lazy shot, he’s stuffed and he puts Grispi’s back to the cage with underhooks. Big left elbow then an uppercut and several big punches from Poirier force Grispi to shoot out of desperation. Grispi gets a body lock takes him down full mounts but Poirier reverses and is on top. Grispi locks on a triangle. Poierier passes to side control and starts landing punches and elbows. He lets Grispi up. Uppercut, grabs the Thai clinch, waits, throws a knee, another knee, another, another, an uppercut, and Grispi shoots for a single, Poirier sprawls and they are stuck in sprawl position. Grispi pulls guard and holds onto Poirier. Poirier postures up with some shots, body shots, and Grispi throws up a triangle. Poierier picks him up ands slams him. Poirier stays on his feet, lets Grispi up, front kick from Poirier, grabs a Thai clinch and lands several knees and punches as Grispi covers up in effect saying “please God stop this.” Bell sounds. I score the round 10-9 for Poirier (could argue 10-8).

Round 3 – Leg kick from Poirier, then some exchanges, Poirier grabs that Thai plum again and starts with the knees. Right elbow from Grispi forces him to release the clinch, then he shoots, pulls guard. Poirier stands up and allows Grispi up. Leg kick, grabs the Thai plum, knees, then Grispi goes for a takedown with an armlock but Poirier is free and lets Grispi up. He grabs the collar tie again throws a knee but Grispi grabs the leg and gets the solid takedown. Grispi in half guard on top. Gripsi needs to finish this fight to win. Poirier gets full guard with about a minute and a half to go. Elbow from Grispi. Grispi advances to side control. Poirier recovers full guard and holds on for the bell. I score the round and fight for Poirier.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dustin Poirier def. Josh Grispi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Lightweight: Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1 – After a couple of exchanges they clinch and Stephens lands some knees to the body. Davis using a nice jab. Davis moving away from Stephens power hand, Stephens with a nice leg kick and he shoots in but Davis stops it. Clinched against the cage. Davis gets a trip takedown and is on top in half guard. Grispi’s head is against the cage as Davis gives him some body shots and is trying to pass guard but Stephens is defending well and gets to his feet. Davis pushing him against the cage. They separate, leg kick from Stephens, straight left from Davis then a big overhand left from Davis that stuns Stephens. Davis rushes in a clinches, pushes Stephens against the cage. Rogan thinks it was a tactical error not to try and finish Stephens with punches. Stephens was wobbled from that shot but he gave him time to recover by clinching him. I score the round for Davis 10-9.

Round 2 – Stephens misses with an uppercut but lands a leg kick. Another big leg kick. Flying knee by Stephens has no effect. Nice body shot from Stephens. Nice one, two from Davis and Stephens buckles the leg with a kick. Davis trying to set something up, clinch, release, big right from Stephens misses, spinning backfist hits Davis’s glove. Stephens clinches, drops levels for a single, Davis stops it, tries to trip Stephens and gets it. Stephens tries to lock up a kimura but Davis is in side control and this will not work. Stephens gets half guard and this puts Davis in more danger, Stephens lets it go and grabs Davis’s neck, lets it go as he now has full guard. Elbows from the bottom by Stephens, throws his legs up looking for a sub, Davis stands and they swing as the bell sounds while Stephens starts to try to get up. I score the round for Davis 10-9.

Round 3 – Stephens shoots, gets thrown to the side. Left hand from Stephens scores. Misses with a head kick, body shot. Leg kick from Davis, another one. Another one. Stephens with a counter right, then catches him with an enormous shot and Davis goes down flat on his back unconscious. It was a haymaker right hand as Davis ducked down for a body shot. Davis goes down and Stephens dived on him with a follow up shot a la Dan Henderson on Bisping. Nasty nasty knockout for Stephens. That’s a big come from behind win for Stephens.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeremy Stephens def. Marcus Davis by knockout (punch) Rd. 3 (2:33)

Lightweight: Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida

Round 1 – Holly Madison is a guest Octagon girl tonight. Guda circles a low-stanced Gomi. Lots of feints from Guida. Gomi with a feeling jab. Guida bouncing and jumping around like a mad man. Gomi stays patient. Head kick from Guida lands solid, he shoots and Gomi sprawls. “Guida” chants. Homerun swing from Guida misses. Guida gets a single dumps Gomi but he bounces right up. Clinched, and Gomi backs out. Gomi remains very calm. Guida misses with a head kick, Gomi misses an uppercut and he’s trying to time Guida. Gomi counter fighting at this point, trying to time the jab and punch. A few boos from the crowd. Guida shoots and is stuffed. Big head kick from Guida smacks Gomi’s head, he shoots and gets the takedown. Wow! Pretty cool little technique there. Guida on top in half guard. Bell sounds and Guida gets the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Gomi lands a short right as he stuffs Guida’s shot. Guida staying on the outside, shoots, grabs a single and Gomi sprawls, he lifts Gomi up and tosses him but Gomi lands on his feet and they stand up and clinch, they separate. Left hand from Guida. Gomi swings and misses and may be a bit confused by Guida’s style. Head kick and a one two from Guida. Guida lands a right, left. Gomi lands a big knee as Guida feints in and out but Guida catches it and dumps Gomi on his back. Gomi gets to his knees but Guida had an arm triangle and put Gomi back down, lets go of the arm triangle and locks on a guillotine, he wraps Gomi in guard and Gomi taps out fairly quickly. It was an arm-in guillotine. Very very nice performance for Clay Guida.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Clay Guida def. Takanori Gomi by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 2 (4:27)

Welterweight: Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1 – Diaz looks big. Leg kick from Diaz. Leg kick from Kim. Again. Body punch from Kim and Diaz checks a kick. Kim with a leg kick and he slips a couple jabs. Kim gets the takedown and is on top in half guard. Diaz looking for something trying to tie Kim up. Kim postures up with a big punch, did not connect too much. Kim mounts for a split second, moves to side control, half guard, then north south. Diaz with butterfly guard. Big right elbow from Kim. Kim starts to takes his back but Diaz rolls on over, up kick. Kim pulls out of a leg lock attempt. Diaz still looking, attacks a leg, Kim turns him on over and is in half guard. Kim moves to side control, Diaz gets to his knees and Kim takes his back. Diaz triangles Kim’s leg, goes for a heel hook. Kim and Diaz are back up. They exchange punches. Diaz drops his hands and talks smack at the bell. Interesting round to score. I will give it to Kim for top control and leg kicks.

Round 2 – Inside leg kick from Kim. Jab from Diaz. Left hand from Kim. Leg kick from Kim. Diaz with a nice body-head combo of punches, a nice right to the chin. One two from Diaz and Kim shoots, Diaz slips out of it. Kim gets the takedown and Diaz is popping Kim’s face with little shots. Diaz looking for something. Diaz still popping him with punches. Kim passes but Diaz recovers full guard. Nate closes the guard. Nice punch from Kim. Hammerfist from Kim. Diaz pushes Kim off gets up but Kim takes him right back down. Nate with more popping punches from his back. Left hand from Kim. Nice left off his back from Nate. Nate rolls to his knees. Kim takes the back from North South. Diaz takes Kim’s back but only ten seconds to go. Kim gets up and Diaz lands a right. I score the round for Kim 10-9.

Round 3 – Jab from Diaz. Another nice shot from Diaz. Right hand from Kim and a big head kick connects slipping off Diaz’s head I believe it connected. Diaz gets a body lock from the back, they go down briefly then back to the feet. Body shot from Diaz. Kim pushes him away and they square up. Diaz with a lazy shot and Diaz hits him with a knee in the head. Kim goes down. The replay shows Kim’s hand is on the ground when the knee lands. They restart it after time out. It’s a pretty dumb rule reallyas Rogan points out. They go to the ground and Kim is on top in full guard. Diaz goes to his knees and gets up. Kim hanging onto him and drags him down with a a body lock from behind. Diaz attacks Kim’s leg but Kim is out, still clinched on Nate with 90 seconds to go. Kim tries to pull him down. Nate is free and lands a head kick. Nate knows he needs to finish. Body shots from Nate. Nate has great cardio and Kim does not. Right hands from Nate, he’s pouring it on as they are still clinched. Nate goes for the takedown as the bell sounds. If Nate could have done a bit more he could have turned this into a draw but as it stands I see Kim winning it two rounds to one. But Nate wins the round 10-9 as I see it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dong Hyun Kim def. Nate Diaz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

NOTES: Kim says “I am Stun Gun, I want GSP!” Joe snickers and asks him what his game plan was. Kim said because of the smack talk he wanted to shut Diaz down in a grappling match. He also said he couldn’t charge his stun gun this fight but next time will. The crowd boos and it wasn’t a pretty win for Kim, but a win nonetheless against a very dangerous Nate Diaz.

Light Heavyweight: Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera

Round 1 – I can’t see this going the distance. They clinch and Vera grabs a collar tie, they trade shots, Vera with a couple leg kicks. Silva chases him down lands a punch, clinches against the cage. Vera tries to trip. Silva gets a single leg and is on top in half guard. Vera holds on tight. Silva has head and arm control. Silva with a short right. Vera defending well, has butterfly guard and is holding on. Silva tries to pass and goes all the way around to side control. Elbow to the gut from Silva. Elbow to the face from Silva. Vera doesn’t want another cracked orbital that’s for sure. 1:30 to go. Elbow to the side of the head of Vera. More short elbows from Silva. Vera not able to do anything. Short stiff elbow from Silva. Silva attacks the leg but Vera slips out. They stand up and Silva is yelling at Vera. Silva dominates the round for 10-9.

Round 2 – Vera comes out strong with big punches landing several shots. Silva fires back and tags Vera, they clinch against the cage. Silva gets the trip takedown as Rogan cries “Oh no!” This is where we left of the last round. Silva with hammerfists from inside full guard.  Vera with a couple elbows. Vera prevents a guard pass. Silva stands up, Vera tries to trip him but Silva puts a knee on his belly bends down, lands anice right hand. Rogan says Thiago seems much stronger. Vera gets a hand under Silva’s leg, trying to sweep. Silva lands some big ugly left hands to Vera’s face. More punches from Silva. Stalemate. Body shot from Silva, elbow to the face. 20 seconds to go. Silva dominates another round lands a couple more elbows for a 10-9 round.

Round 3 – Vera’s corner tells him he needs a knockout. He catches a kick and lands a body kick that drops Silva. Vera throws up his hands in victory. Silva gets up and blocks a head kick. They clinch against the cage and the crowd boos. Silva gets a body lock and takes Vera down. He takes Vera’s back as some lady screams “Get up, get up!” Vera on his knees trying to get up. Silva puts a few knees in Vera’s thigh. Two left hands to the side of Vera’s face. Stalemate. Crowd boos. More punches from Silva as he attempts to pull Vera back from the cage and mount him. More punches from Silva as Vera gets to his feet with Silva still holding on. Silva “bitch slapping” Vera and mocking him. Vera throws a blind elbow and just is not doing anything, he doesn’t seem desperate at all. Silva continues to punch Vera. Vera can’t move and the fight is over. Vera’s nose is badly broken, smashed and bloody. It may be the worst broken nose I’ve ever seen. Vera looks up at it smiles a bit then covers it up so we can’t see it. Two fights and two surgeries for Vera says Rogan. This Thiago Silva is VERY dangerous.  OMG. Vera shows off his nose and injuries, takes off his hat and bows as the crowd yells.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Thiago Silva def. Brandon Vera by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Middleweight: Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Round 1 – Intense stare down. Stann much taller. Nice right from Stann following a leg kick. Nice left from Leben. Leg kick from Leben, again. Body clinch. Stann with some rabbit punches. Leben lands some uppercuts from the clinch. Knee from Stann. Still fighting from the clinch, dirty boxing, both holding half collar ties. Leben’s back to the cage. They separate as Stann pulls away. Leben catches a body kick. Stann drops Leben with a couple of big shots. Leben gets up and Stann goes for a standing guillotine. Leben is free but Stann drops him again with big punches. Stann continues to punish Leben with huge shots and drops him. The ref seems to be allowing too much punishment. It started with a left hook to the jaw from Stann rocked him, a follow up right drops Leben. Leben manages to get up but Stann put him down again and pounded him out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Stann def. Chris Leben by knockout (punches) Rd. 1 (3:37)

NOTES: Stann dedicated the fight to one of his buddies that dies this week in Afghanistan.

Lightweight Title: Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Round 1 – Yves Lavigne is the referee. Frankie looks much smaller in his frame. Leg kick from Edgar, then a body shot. Edgar is so quick. Leg kick from Edgar. Maynard drops Edgar with a left hand and he does a backflip and lands on his feet. Maynard attacks and drops him again with a big shot to the chin. Maynard attacks with venom and Frankie is fighting for his life. Maynard attempts a quick D’arce but lets it go. Edgar is bleeding and hurt ant Maynard chases him down going for the takedown. Maynard stuffs it. I have no idea how he recovered from that. He took some big shots. Left hand from Maynard and Frankie goes down again after a right hand , he’s running and Maynard chases him down landing big shots. Maynard has landed some huge shots. Edgar connects with a right hand. Maynard lands another shot. Edgar fires back. Edgar lands a couple of punches. Maynard’s punches have a LOT more heat on them. One, two from Edgar and a body shot. Wow!! 10-8 round for Maynard.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Edgar. Again. Big right hand from Edgar. Body shot from Edgar. Maynard misses with the same left hook that hurt Edgar in round one. Nice right by Edgar. Maynard has not shot in once yet. He spent a lot of energy in that first round though. Huge right hand from Edgar rocks Maynard spinning his head sideways. Leg kick from Edgar and Gray makes his first takedown attempt. I can’t believe how Edgar has come back. Gray threw 97 punches in round one. Body shot and a one two to the chin from Edgar. Edgar with a huge Matt Hughes-esque slam and they are back up. One two from Edgar. Edgar eats a big left hook though. Nice combo from Edgar. Gray shoots, Edgar sprawls and Maynard eats a big couple shots from Edgar. Wow! Edgar takes the round 10-9 as I see it.

NOTES: Randy Couture yells at Maynard, “You’re trying to knock him out, you need to beat him up, not knock him out. It will come!”

Round 3 – Edgar lands a couple shots and a leg kick. Right hand on the chin from Edgar. Leg kick and punch from Edgar, then a leg kick. Maynard counters with a right that lands. Edgar with a leg kick. Nice right hand from Edgar using feints to set it up. Beautiful. Maynard shoots, stuffs it, lands a couple punches getting free. Left hand from Maynard, then a right. Maynard catches a kick. lets it go. Left hoos from Maynard. Edgar has his rhythm back but he just ate a body shot and big right. Maynard with an uppercut and Edgar’s nose is bleeding again. Leg kick from Maynard but eats a couple nice punches. Gray with a single leg, gets the takedown but Edgar right up. Edgar looking for a kimura. Maynard gets free but Edgar locks up a tight guillotine at the bell. Close round but I give it to Edgar 10-9. Randy thinks Maynard got the last round.

Round 4 – Left hand from Frankie. Edgar gets the takedown, locks on a guillotine. Maynard stands and is free. Edgar lands a combo. Edgar ducks under punches and gets the takedown. Maynard gets to his knees and Edgar takes his back, loses it and Maynard gets up. Leg kick from Edgar then a right hand. Slow uppercut from Maynard, he shoots, stuffed. Left hand from Maynard and Edgar counter rights. Edgar slips a beg left. Knee on the break from Edgar. Edgar shoots, drives him to the fence. Big left hands on the chin from Edgar as they are against the cage. They square up. Edgar back on the bicycle. Maynard’s punches have slowed. Nice combo from Edgar. He shoots, Maynard stuffs it, misses with a right. Half a minute to go. They exchange punches. I score the round for Edgar 10-9.

Round 5 – Left jab from Maynard. Leg kick from Edgar. Left hook from Maynard and Edgar fires back a combo. Body head combo from Edgar. Maynard with a big left to the body. Maynard shoots, Edgar sprawls, again, and Edgar lands a knee on the break. Gray shoots, grabs a front headlock, lands a knee and Edgar gets free. So close is this fight. Edgar slips a hook and lands a beautiful three punch combo. Maynard stuffs a takedown. Nice combo from Edgar. Maynard shoots, gets stuffed. Left jab from Maynard. Edgar with a combo. Both guys stuffing each other’s takedown attempts. Edgar lands a beautiful combo. Maynard is hunting, lands a left, shoots, stuffed. Combo from Edgar. Thirty seconds to go. Ten seconds. both guys swing and both throw their hands up. I give the round and fight to Edgar. I have it 48-46 for Edgar.

OFFICIAL RESULT:  Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight to a draw (48-46 Maynard, 46-48 Edgar, 47-47 Draw)

NOTES: I can’t even remember the last title fight that went to a draw. But truthfully, that’s a decent call I guess. It’s always best when someone can win decisively and leave no question so maybe that will happen next time. It definitely sets up a new chapter for this continuing Edgar vs. Maynard story and that’s always a plus.

Here’s the quetion: What does Anthony “Showtime” Pettis do now who was supposed to fight the winner? —-DAMN!!

3 thoughts on “UFC 125 results, play-by-play”
  1. I scored the fight 47-47…draw. 1st: 10-8 Maynard/ 2nd: 10-9 Edgar/ 3rd: 10-9 Maynard/ 4th:10-9 Edgar/ 5th: 10-9 Edgar.

  2. I think maynard won the third comfortably. The guillotine at the end of the round was a nothing move. It wasn’t deep, or even meant to do damage just score points at the end of the round. So I don’t think it should effect the scoring.

    I also had the last round 10-10, so the fight would be scored for Maynard. But I could understand giving that last round to Frankie so I can agree with the draw.

  3. Yep that works. Round 3 I gave to Edgar but Couture who was in Maynard’s corner said he got it and I think he’s going to be honest with his fighter. I need to watch it again but I don’t have a problem with a draw and think it’s best under the circumstances. I still think Pettis should get the shot, then let Maynard fight the winner of that… guess it will all come out in the wash.

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