This is the type of thing that can happen if you ever get put in an armbar and try to be a tough guy and not tap out. If you absolutely must keep your tough guy image in tact, at least you can tap out quickly and softly, just enough to get your opponent to let go, then you can give him a massive beating for having the nerve of trying to take away your win bonus so close to Christmas.

That thing that used to be a left arm belongs to 29-year-old MMA fighter Seth “The Polish Pistola” Baczynski. He picked up that little souvenir at “Tachi Palace Fights 7: Deck The Halls” last week when WEC veteran Tim “The Wrecking Machine” McKenzie had the nerve to try and submit him and take his win bonus so close to Christmas.

What happened next is a matter of controversy and debate, but lets just put it this way… The ol “Polish Pistola” has a new win on his record and Mr. McKenzie does not. So what if he had to give his left arm for it, it beats giving up your left testicle.

If you want to see exactly what took place, watch the Seth Baczynski vs. Tim McKenzie fight HERE.

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