Whether or not you have been keeping up with “The Reem” series, this one is a must. It’s one of the most well produced documentary style fighter videos I have personally seen.

I got the feeling I was watching Rocky Balboa training for Apollo Creed. The only difference being this is for real, and the man called Ubereem would punt “The Italian Stallion” back to Philadelphia with one giant knee strike.

In “The Reem – episode 6” you will see Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem preparing for his other career, outside of professional mixed martial arts.

In addition to being one of the baddest, if not the baddest MMA heavyweight fighter on the planet, the 30-year-old Golden Glory fighter has positioned himself as one of the top professional kickboxers in the world.

This particular episode six shows Alistair preparing for the fight against Ben Edwards which took place this past weekend at K-1’s 2010 World Grand Prix Final 16 in Seoul, South Korea. If you have not yet seen his fight with Edwards, it is an absolute must – a first round firestorm you won’t soon forget.

Frst, watch this episode six of “The Reem,” then go watch how Overeem, with a pro kickboxing record of 6-4, matches up with Edwards, who came into their fight with a record of 31-6-2 (20 KO’s).

Episode 6: Training camp from THE REEM on Vimeo.

Watch the first five episodes of “The Reem” here: “The Reem” episodes 1-5

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