The place: Austin, Texas. The time: night time, this past weekend. A large adult male punches a woman in the face and knocks her to the ground outside a club in front of several bystanders.

Much to the tough guy’s misfortune, it just so happens former UFC fighter Roger “El Matador” Huerta was one of those bystanders and saw what took place.

Like Clark Kent going into a phone booth to shed his disguise (most always involving a button-up shirt and glasses), Roger Huerta rips off his shirt and cap, his muscles and tattoos becoming instantly recognizable to most any American with cable TV.

Our hero charges the villain and although the camera view is blocked momentarily, it quickly becomes evident what has happened as the perp is laid out unconscious on the warm Texas night pavement, his crimson blood oozing into the porous blacktop.

As if he’d just witnessed Spider-Man punch out a crook and hang him from a light pole inside a web-cocoon until the cops arrive, the camera man says to his buddy, “The guy that whipped his ass was a UFC fighter.” Now that’s as real as it gets.

See Roger Huerta’s street fight video at or by clicking the image above.

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