Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz takes a few moments to respond to Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s recent interview with Joe Rogan in which he said Diaz was to blame for the Strikeforce brawl and called the Stockton fighter “retarded”.

No classic Diaz interview would be complete without a heap of F-bombs and a middle finger or two, and this one has both. Diaz denies he threw the first punch in the Strikeforce brawl and insists Miller is the retarded one because of his gold teeth and funny hair. Diaz also tells Miller he would gladly meet him in the cage if he can drop the weight.

2 thoughts on “Nick Diaz responds to recent “Mayhem” Miller interview *VIDEO*”
  1. Nick Diaz says nothing that is really untrue. “You just run around and you market yourself. You paint your hair, you got that sh*t stripe down the middle of your forehead. …You have a character, you have to walk around and be that assh*le everyday. That’s too bad for you man.” This describes Mayhem to a T.

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