First off, if you have not seen Joe Rogan’s latest podcast with guest Jason “Mayhem” Miller, you are missing some of the best MMA-related entertainment you will ever see.

One topic they discuss in detail is the now infamous Strikeforce brawl that occurred on April 17 in Nashville, Tenn., that resulted in Miller getting jumped by the “Cesar Gracie gang” on national TV. It was clearly one of the classic moments in the history of the sport.

Some people blamed Miller for taking the shine away from Jake Shields in his moment of glory. Others blame the Athletic Commission for letting Miller into the cage in the first place. However, Miller blames Nick Diaz and said he was the first one to throw a punch.

Miller and Rogan’s exchange went something like this:

Rogan: “Oh you don’t get along with Nick?”

Miller: “Man, fuck Nick Diaz.”

Rogan: “Strong words.”

Miller: “Yeah, I said it. I feel like he was a driving factor in that whole thing. He was the first guy to throw a punch. He started the whole thing. It’s almost not his fault, because he’s retarded. But at the same time, he embodies this cultural shift that we have. And it really started with Dr. Dre selling us NWA and selling us this culture of ‘gangster is cool.’ Yeah, gangster is cool in a way, to watch a movie, but to be gangster is just to be a little kid. And starting a big brawl because what, I talked some shit to your homie, that is just ghetto. That thing embodies what’s wrong with America right now. ”

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker had previously talked about Diaz and Miller fighting each other, and Miller confirmed on Rogan’s podcast that a fight between the two could take place sometime in October.

If Miller and Diaz do clash, the brawl which at first was considered a major black eye for the sport, could actually serve as a great back story and hype machine for their fight. Strikeforce might as well get some benefit out the whole thing, and turn a negative situation into something positive.

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