Singapore’s Brian “Polar Bear” Choi clinches rousing victory at Resorts World Sentosa

Muhsin Corbbrey (left) vs. Wu Cheng Jie

Crowd favourite Malik clinches Superfight Championship title over Washington to conclude successful Martial Combat 4

SINGAPORE, 17 June 2010 – Martial Combat 4 provided another fantastic night of mixed martial arts action with Singapore-based Brian Choi stealing the show with his closely-contested decision over Japanese American Isamu Himura after a frantic see-saw battle at Resorts World Sentosa.

The two fighters set a frenetic pace as they constantly battled for position throughout the fight. Choi, a wrestling coach at Evolve MMA, landed a series of eye-catching takedowns in the fight, utilizing his wrestling skills to repeatedly pick Himura up and slam him on the ground. Himura responded with a few takedowns of his own as both men exchanged submission attempts.

The audience gave both fighters an enormous ovation at the start of round three as a rapidly tiring Himura attempted to take the fight to the floor. Choi was able to defend the takedown attempt and caught Himura in an arm bar. Choi appeared to have the submission locked in and Himura must have been tempted to tap but showed incredible heart to escape and fight to the finish. The fight was a fantastic exhibition of skills by both men which captivated the Resorts World audience and Choi was deservedly awarded the winning decision.

Said Choi, who was delighted to emerge victorious in front of his home fans: “He was a late replacement and I didn’t know anything about him so I couldn’t prepare. It was a tough fight but I think the takedowns won me the fight. This is a great show and I am proud to be representing Evolve MMA and Singapore.”

Highly rated Filipino fighter Eduard Folayang was tipped for a victory in the opening fight, but faced a stern examination of his MMA credentials against Slovakian Muay Thai specialist Egon Racz. Racz threw a couple of early leg kicks but Folayang, who has a very high level of Wushu, was able to check them comfortably. The Filipino scored with a right hand before landing a huge takedown. Racz showed some intelligent submission defence but was simply overwhelmed by Folayang who landed some ground and pound before sinking in a guillotine choke.

Muhsin Corbbrey, a world renowned MMA fighter, was looking to put on an eye-catching performance against the unbeaten Wu Cheng Jie. Corbrey scored with some heavy leg kicks but Wu was able to catch one and send Corbbrey to the canvass. It proved to be a fatal error as the American is deadly on his back. Corbbrey first attempted an armbar and from there transitioned into the mount. Once Corbbrey had secured a dominant position there was simply nowhere for the Chinese to run from the professional boxer as he received a torrent of vicious elbows that left the referee little option but to step in and award the fight to the American.

Brazilian Arthur Cesar was able to make it two wins out of two tonight for the Evolve MMA team with a submission win over South Korean stand up specialist Yun Seob Kwak. Cesar secured an early take down and pinned his opponent to the floor before finishing the fight with a rear naked choke.

The Superfight Championship Belt showdown was billed as the War in Singapore with Afghanistan-born Malik Mawlayi taking on Cyrus Washington from USA. After a hesitant start, the muay thai-trained Washington took the fight to Mawlayi who threw a wild back kick before taking the American to the floor and quickly moved into side control. Cyrus gave up his back in an attempt to escape and Mawlayi sunk his hooks in and secured the rear naked choke for the victory.

Said a jubilant Mawlayi: “He was so tall, when I saw him stepping into the cage, I thought I’d go to my Plan B, which was to take him down. But he was so strong I couldn’t submit him that fast, but as soon as he made a mistake I caught him – rear naked chokes are my specialty. I felt good fighting in Singapore and I am thankful my fans for cheering for me. I’d like to tell them to keep believing in me and I will certainly be back.”

Tonight’s contests were crowd pleasers with fans cheering on and inspiring the fighters. Held at the Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa, the Martial Combat series featured 10 world-class mixed martial arts fighters battle over five explosive fights, presented by ESPN STAR Sports and Resorts World Sentosa. Resorts World® Sentosa Martial Combat™ is the only MMA event officially recognized and sanctioned by two of the world’s leading governing bodies in the martial arts scene, the Asian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (AMMAF) and the World Martial Arts Federation of Singapore.

Mixed martial arts fans can expect even more hard-hitting action in Martial Combat 5 and 6 when another ten fighters do battle next month on 14-15 July at the majestic Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa. Fans can look forward to more fights over the next four months with some of the world’s top professional contenders competing at Resorts World® Sentosa. Kindly visit for more information.

Egon Racz                  vs         Eduard Folayang

Slovakia                                  Philipines

1-2                                           6-1

70kg                                        70kg

Racz is a world class Muay Thai fighter and threw a couple of early kicks which were easily checked by Folayang, one of the top fighters in the Phillipines. Folayang landed a right and took Racz to the floor with a huge takedown within the opening minute.

Racz went for the guillotine but Folayang is able to escape and landed some ground and pound. Racz eventually managed to get to his feet but Folayang pulled him to the floor and sunk in a guillotine causing Racz to tap with less than half-a-minute to go in the first round – another impressive win for the up-and-coming Filipino.

Result: Folayang via guillotine after 4:40 of round one

Wu Cheng Jie            vs         Muhsin Corbbrey

China                                       USA

2-0                                           13-6

70kg                                        70kg

Corbbrey is a WEC and Elite XC veteran and it was a real coup by the Martial Combat matchmakers to get a fighter of this caliber on the card. His opponent is comparatively unknown but he has a Sanda background and is unbeaten.

Corbbrey looks to have cut a lot of weight and has a significant size advantage but both men are in fantastic shape. The Chinese fighter is understandably reluctant to engage and circled away from danger as Corbbrey stalked him in the opening round.

Corbrrey landed a couple of solid kicks, and Wu returned a few flashy but ineffective Sanda kicks. Corbbrey grew frustrated as his opponent continued to avoid him by dropping his hands to taunt Wu.

Wu landed an occasional effective kick and even caught Corbbrey’s leg kick and threw a left hook, which appeared to have knocked Corbbrey backwards. The American went for an armbar attempt from his back, which he didn’t finish but later managed to mount Cheng Jie. Once in a dominant position Corbbrey made up for lost time and vented his frustration by raining down elbows on Wu.

This time there was no escape for the Chinese fighter and the referee called a stop to the contest.

Result: Corbbrey via ground and pound after 4:16 of round one

Isamu Himura           vs         Brian Choi

Japan/USA                              USA

1-2                                           2-1

79kg                                        73kg

Japanese-based American Himura was a late replacement for the third tie, armed with a judo black belt. Singapore-based wrestler Brian Choi received a huge ovation from his home crowd with a large contingent of Evolve MMA students in the crowd.

Choi ducked under a punch and went for the takedown. Himura stuffs the attempt and goes for a judo throw but ends up mounted. Choi pushes him up against the cage and Imuwa got to his feet, but Choi picks him up and slams him to the canvass. Himura attempts a kimura but was unable to gain the necessary leverage.

Himura got to his feet, almost giving up his back in the process, and Choi takes him down again but Himura goes for a kimura and then takes his back. Choi reverses the position to towards the end of a fantastic first round, highlighted with constant transitions.

Another incredible back and forth battle in the second round, started by Himura attempting a takedown Choi stuffs it and they clinch up against the cage. Choi gets another takedown and goes for a kimura but Himura is able to get to his feet and take Choi down. Both men look to have a similar skill set but the takedowns are winning the rounds for Choi.

A huge ovation welcomed both fighters at the start of round three. Himura scored the first takedown of the round pinning Choi up against the cage. Himura goes for a leg lock and ended up underneath Choi who got the mount and went for an armbar. He appeared to have the submission locked in but Himura showed incredible heart to escape. The match concluded with Choi the winner but Himura deserved tremendous credit for hanging in there and making it a fantastic closely contested fight.

Result: Choi via unanimous decision

Yun Seob Kwak        vs         Arthur Cesar

South Korea                            Brazil

10-6-1                                      10-4

88kg                                        93kg

This fight looked to be a ‘striker versus grappler’ contest. Arthur Cesar is based at Evolve MMA and is a Brazilian Ju Jitsu black belt. Yun Seob Kwak has got K-1 experience and is an accomplished stand up fighter. One man will want to keep this fight standing up while the other will want to take it to the floor. Which fighter will be able to dictate where the fight takes place?

Yun went for a kick and Cesar caught it and secured the takedown. The Korean got up but gave up his back and Cesar executed another takedown. Yun survived well on the ground but Cesar began to dominate the round with his transitions into side control and landing some ground and pound before taking Yun’s back and securing a rear naked choke to force the Korean to tap.

Two wins out of two, and a good night for the Evolve MMA team.

Result: Cesar wins via submission after 2:51 of round one

Cyrus Washington    vs         Malik Arash Mawlayi

USA                                        Afghanistan / Sweden

2-1-0                                        7-3-1

70kg                                        72kg

Washington came into the ring wearing Muay Thai shorts and looked for an early knock-out. Mawlayi is a grappler who aimed to waste little time in taking this fight to the ground. Both fighters train in Thailand and looked in fantastic shape with Washington looking incredibly athletic – a real physical specimen.

A Martial Combat Superfight belt is on the line and this fight could go the full five rounds.  After a hesitant start from both fighters, a wild back kick from Malik was easily evaded by Washington. Mawlayi got the take down and moved into side control. This is a bad spot for Cyrus who simply couldn’t escape. Malik went for a keylock but Cyrus defended it well. Cyrus gave up his back in an attempt to escape and Mawlayi sunk his hooks in and secured the rear naked choke.

Result: Mawlayi via submission after 2:25 of round one